What To Look for In Voice Actors

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There is a wide variety of voice over talent out there, with each voice specialising in their own niche and project type. That said, there is a range of voices out there and they can’t do it all (most of the time).

How do you know which voices are best for you and your project? This post will take you through the key things to look out for when hiring a voice talent.


What does David Attenborough, the late Don LaFontaine, and Morgan Freeman have in common? Despite the fact that they’re all voice overs, they all have a sense of distinctness, a unique factor about them that sets them apart from the rest.

For those trying to make a mark, and leave a lasting impact from your campaign, the trait of uniqueness is ideal when finding that voice over to work with.


There’s no use hiring a voice over if they’re not reliable. Consistency is key with voice over artistry, especially when recording in batches.

Let’s say you hire a voice over for an audiobook project, or to narrate some elearning courses. If the voice over doesn’t carry a consistent tone throughout, the recordings wouldn’t flow as well, and wouldn’t prove as professional as intended.

Consistency is key for all professional voice overs, something you simply can’t overlook.


A common misconception with the voice over world is that all you need is a nice voice and you’re good to go. Sorry to disappoint, but it really isn’t that 2-dimensional.

When finding your ideal voice over, you want them to have at least some type of portfolio. This will help with initial briefing and ensure that you’re working with a professional.

A key way to check if a voice over is experienced is to first view their portfolio, prior to hiring them.

Accent & Pronunciation

Though it’s all good having a portfolio and a nice voice, if your chosen voice over doesn’t appeal to your target audience, you might not get the results you’re looking for.

Regarding the accent, it’s important to pick a voice that could appeal to your demographic. Say, you’re targeting a UK-based audience, an American voice over may not be the best choice. Exceptions can be made if the product or service in question is associated with the accent, like a texan BBQ flavoured crisp brand targeting Londoners.

When choosing a voice over based on their pronunciation, it’s important to ensure that the voice is actually suited to the project type. If you’re recording an ad, you probably don’t want someone as monotonal as one used to recording elearning courses.

One of the most important things to consider when picking a voice over, is to ensure their accent and pronunciation suits the project you’re hiring them for.

Sound quality

Not all voice overs record with the same microphones, this totally depends on the resources that a given voice over has available to them.

The absolute minimum that a voice over should have is a functional home studio, so that the recordings delivered are of high quality. A high quality studio allows for audio to sound crisp and clear, as opposed to roomy and poor quality, like you’d get from a recording studio that isn’t sound proofed.

When looking for a voice over, it’s best to hear some of their samples, ideally something within the last year so you have an idea of what to expect when hiring them.

We hope you found this post on the top things to look out for from voice overs, feel free to leave a comment if you feel anything was missed from the list!