What You Should Know About Pain Relief Therapy?

Pain Relief Therapy

Pain is not just a feeling of discomfort but also affects the entire routine of a person. It affects the way how you feel overall. It leads to mental health problems as well apart from physical problems such as depression, stress, and anxiety. There are two kinds of pain that a person feels and these are acute and chronic pains. Acute pain happens suddenly and it fades or goes away within days or weeks, on the other hand, chronic pain took time and if it does not leave until 3 months then it is considered chronic pain.

When you should visit a pain specialist in Singapore?

You should make an appointment with the pain specialist Singapore if the pain persists longer and you are suffering from it for more than 2 to 3 weeks. If you are feeling stress, depression, or anxiety and you are not able to perform your daily routine activities. Also, if you don’t find any improvement in the condition even after using several treatments.

Addressing the chronic pain with pain relief therapy!!!

No addiction

Millions of people suffering from chronic pain end up taking opioid medications and then they get addicted to these meditations. Though these medicines are good in improving your health conditions and pain but are not a permanent solution to the pain. This is because over-the-counter medicines do not work on the real cause or root of the pain.

The best alternative to these medicines is pain relief therapy. This manual therapy is used to treat several conditions and injuries. The main focus of the therapy is to reduce the pain while strengthening muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Pain is developed because of several reasons and a therapist first identifies the reason behind the pain and then a specialized physical therapy that might include exercise is developed to improve the condition of the patient. So, the best way to get rid of pain without getting addicted to any medicines is by getting pain relief treatment Singapore.

It does not hurt

There are several pain relief therapies present to treat a patient such as acupuncture, yoga, exercise, massage, heat and ice packs, and many more, and depending on the condition of the patient, one is used. The advantage of getting relief from pain through these therapies is that there does not hurt and are completely safe to use. Physical therapy can be challenging and even hard and you might feel sore after stretching or deep tissue massage.

Catered as per your needs

When you visit the best chiropractor in Singapore, one will cater therapy according to the health condition of a person. Remember that each person responds differently to therapy and all body types, and daily activities are different therefore different therapies work the best for different people. A practitioner identifies the problem and tries to improve it by using the best therapy.

Managing pain with therapies

Many non-medicine treatments are used by chiropractors to treat the patient. Some of these are:

Heat and cold

In this ice packs are used on the area where one person is feeling pain. This helps reduce swelling. Heat packs are best for joint and muscle injuries.

Physical therapies

These therapies include therapies such as walking, stretching, strengthening, or aerobic exercises also. This may help in reducing pain while keeping your mobile and improves your mood. A specific exercise plan will be recommended to you according to your body conditions by the chiropractor.


This is also a great pain relief therapy in which the manual strokes directly on the body of the patient are applied by the chiropractor. The therapy is suited to soft tissue injuries and should also be avoided in certain cases like when one is experiencing pain in the joints. Massage therapy is highly helpful in getting relief from the pain instantly.

Other therapies such as acupuncture, cognitive behaviour therapy, relaxation and stress management techniques, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy, and some others are used to get relief from the pain.

Bottom line!!!

The biggest advantage of pain relief therapy over medicines is that there is no side effect of this and one can easily opt for the treatment method without worrying about anything.