WhatsApp Will Allow Group Admins To Delete Messages Sent By Participants


WhatsApp groups are a great way to stay in touch with friends and family who are spread out all over the world. With the group chat feature, you can have conversations with multiple people at once, without having to switch between different chat windows.

With these groups, we can connect with many people at the same time where we can share messages, media, do calls and many more things. A single group can be made by only one person ie., admin and other contacts are recipients. You can also find this feature on most of the WhatsApp Mods made out there, especially GBWhatsApp.

How Does A WhatsApp Group Work? 

A WhatsApp group is a collection of WhatsApp users who can share messages, photos, and videos with each other. The group chat feature in WhatsApp allows you to keep in touch with friends, family, and co-workers all at once. You can also use WhatsApp groups to plan events, share news, and more.

You can invite people of your choice or whom you want to add to your WhatsApp group and chat with them through video and audio calls too.

How to create WhatsApp groups?

  • Go to WhatsApp and tap on 3 dots in the top right corner
  • Now select a new group and add contacts you would like to add
  • Next step is to put the name of your group that you made
  • Now put the profile picture for your group and you’re done.

Who is a group admin?

The WhatsApp group admin is the person who created the group and is responsible for its management. As the admin, you have the power to add and remove members, as well as change the group settings. You’re also the one who decides what the group chat is about and what kind of discussions are allowed. With the coming update group, the admin will get one more liberty that is of deleting inappropriate messages in the WhatsApp group that he doesn’t want in their group.

Rights of group admins:

With the coming update, group admins will get a new right that is deleting any inappropriate messages in the WhatsApp group. With this admins can remove any messages that they don’t find appropriate or violate the rules of the group or anything that is unhealthy for the group’s atmosphere.

  • He/She can add members of his choice. This is the oldest feature of the WhatsApp group that is., the admin can add anyone to his group whoever he wants from his contacts.
  • Another right that a group admin enjoys is removing people. Yes, a group admin can remove any recipient whom he doesn’t want in his group, and also recipient can leave the group if he doesn’t want to continue with that anymore.
  • Anyone can change the group description that is its profile picture, about, name, and description but the group admin can still restrict it if he wants. He can restrict the limit to only admins.
  • Another way to add members to the group is through links. With this link, anyone can join this group and for this, it is not necessary for the admin to save the particular person’s number in the contact list.
  • If the admin is not able to manage the group alone he can make more admins. A group can have the number of admins and then they also get the same rights to manage the WhatsApp groups.


Admins are now going to enjoy more after this coming update for the WhatsApp group as this is the most awaiting update for them so far and with this admins will be able to delete inappropriate messages or media so that they can maintain and give a positive environment to their recipients.