Where to Find Quality Software Developers in 2020

Software developers all over the world are looking for companies to partner with. And you may be searching for high-quality, professional developers. With lots of them vying for your attention, where can you find the best ones?

Let’s answer this question. Read on!


Referrals can come from family, friends, or business partners — anyone who knows someone in the field can point you to a good software developer.

There are many reasons why referrals are the best way to recruit a professional, such as:

  • The overall cost per hire is lower
  • The recruiting process is shorter
  • Better quality and vouched by the referrer

Referrals can help you find great software developers, like Nisman Solutions, that have proven themselves in the field and offer not only their services but also their reputation.

Online Platforms

Online platforms are teeming with freelancers and full-time workers looking for a job. And while you have to search through thousands of applicants, you’ll surely find quality software developers on a platform.

The advantages of searching software developers via online platforms include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Convenience
  • Bigger audience
  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility

You can post a job ad online and target a very specific audience, so you know you’ll see only what you’re looking for. At the same time, it’s fast and convenient. You can tailor-fit your job posting to filter who can and cannot apply. It’s also easy to access information about the applicant.

Some of the most popular places to search for software developers online are:


Toptal is a talent-matching service with a special focus on developer verticals and talents. It’s highly likely you’ll find a professional developer from Toptal.


Hired focuses on helping software developers and engineers find top talents through their custom matching software. If you want a developer with specialized knowledge about a subject, Hired is a good place to start searching.


Upwork isn’t focused only on software developers — you can find a vast talent pool from writers to virtual assistants — but it certainly connects clients with skilled freelancers. Finding developers to interview should be easy, although you’ll do much of the screening and vetting.

GitHub Jobs

GitHub Jobs is a job board aimed at tech talents. It’s a massive community of developers and one of the largest open-source online repositories for coders and developers. For a small fee, you can post a dev job listing and get the attention of the best software developers around.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is GitHub’s number one rival. It offers the largest and trustworthy developer community on the web. It’s used by developers of various skill levels as a resource, whether to learn to code or to find a job. Joining Stack Overflow lets you gain exposure to dedicated developers from around the world.


LinkedIn is a social media platform catering to professionals and businesses. It has a solid 590 million registered members, most of whom are professionals and businesses promoting their brands to gain leads, develop thought leadership, and expand their networks.

Finding a quality software developer and software development team via LinkedIn is like a combination of referrals and online recruitment platforms. You have a network of people vouching for each other’s skills and/or promoting their brands, so the platform isn’t solely for job searching and recruitment, but for developing authentic relationships with other professionals.

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