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Which Salesforce Certification Is Best For Beginners?

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Do you want to grow your digital marketing, sales, or development skills and expand your job opportunities? Salesforce is a robust CRM that opens up a lot of potential for career growth. Mastering Salesforce can be expensive and time-consuming. However, you do not have to learn every aspect of the software to succeed.

There are many different Salesforce certifications that you can achieve to get started with your career in this field. This blog aims at providing you with a comprehensive guide on the best Salesforce certifications for beginners.

Learning two to three skills can boost your productivity and career opportunities. Salesforce offers a wide range of certifications for beginners that will help you be job-ready in no time. All you need is some dedication and the right resources to get started.

Try these certification courses to get your hands on Salesforce skills.

1. Salesforce Administrator Certification

The Salesforce Administrator certification is the most popular credential in the Salesforce platform. As an administrator, you are responsible for managing users, data security, and daily operations in Salesforce consulting companies.

The exam covers many topics, such as creating and managing objects, reports, dashboards, and security settings. The exam also tests your understanding of the Salesforce platform features such as workflow rules, process builder, and approvals.

The administrator certification is a viable place to start for beginners as it will give you a broad understanding of the Salesforce platform. The Salesforce administration course takes about six weeks to complete.

2. Salesforce Developer Certification

The Salesforce developer certification is for those who want to develop custom applications on the Salesforce platform. As a developer, you will be responsible for designing, coding, testing, and deploying custom applications.

The exam covers various topics, like Apex code development, declarative development, platform fundamentals, and Visualforce page development. The developer certification is a viable credential for those who want to be job-ready in Salesforce development.

The Salesforce developer course takes about 12 weeks to complete and requires some programming experience. Developers with certification are in high demand, so this is a vital credential to achieve. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge and expand your career.

3. Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

Building custom applications on the Salesforce platform is a great way to increase productivity. The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification is for those who want to build custom applications without learning code.

The exam covers creating custom objects, profiles, and page layouts, working with formulas and validation rules, developing business processes, and creating dashboards and reports. The Platform App Builder certification is a great place to start for those with limited coding experience.

The Platform App Builder course takes about six weeks and does not require programming experience. This certification is in high demand and can help you be more productive in your job.

4. Salesforce Certified Consultant Certification

Salesforce consulting is a fundamental skill for any administrator or developer. The Salesforce Certified Consultant certification will equip you with the skills needed to be a successful consultant. As a consultant, you will be responsible for implementing and configuring Salesforce applications for customers. Salesforce consultants also provide training and support to other businesses and customers.

The course topics include requirements gathering, design thinking, solution architecture, change management, and training. As a certified consultant, you will work with clients to understand their business needs and deliver a solution that meets their requirements.

The Salesforce consultant certification is a course that takes about six months to one year to complete. The course covers a wide range of topics and requires experience in Salesforce administration or development. This certification is in high demand, especially for those who want to start a career in Salesforce consulting.

5. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification

To take your administration skills to the next level, you need to achieve the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator certification. Before you take the exam, you must first have the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification.

The exam covers topics such as managing data architecture, creating and managing custom objects and fields, designing and implementing workflow rules, developing triggers and batch processes, and configuring security settings. As an advanced administrator, you will have the ability to manage complex Salesforce deployments and solve challenging problems.

This Salesforce course takes about six weeks for fast learning to complete and requires experience in Salesforce administration. The Advanced Administrator certification will boost your resume and help you be more successful in your job.


Salesforce is a successful digital platform for those who want to start a career in technology. The best way to get started is to achieve one of the Salesforce certifications. These certifications will teach you the skills needed to grow in your job. Learning Salesforce is a viable investment in your future. As a beginner, identify the Salesforce certification that meets your needs and start learning.

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