Why Arsene Wenger Is The Best Arsenal Manager

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger is one of the best coaches known in the history of the Premier League. His success with Arsenal made him known as a brilliant genius who has done a great job to bring the Gunners into its glory days in the past few decades.

Wenger’s antics allowed Arsenal to thrive in his era. The Gunners became one of the fearsome clubs that the world has ever seen, and it was all thanks to Wenger’s smart coaching and tactics that brought them to the biggest stage of European football as well.

With the legacy that Wenger has left with the Gunners, he is seen now as the standard for any coach that the team is looking for. His antics are also seen as a standard of a strong leadership that any Arsenal sponsor would love to see.

Wenger’s legacy lives on up to this moment. Arsenal may not have seen a better success in the past few years because they are yet to find a manager that can lead them to bigger heights as Wenger did.

Wenger has seen a huge success with Arsenal

The French coach is one of the known names who revolutionised the game on a much bigger scale. Wenger played a huge role in improving the standard for scouting players, training and even diet management for Arsenal, which made them a popular team to watch.

Arsenal became a shining club in football under Wenger’s lead. He is known for implementing a lineup that focused on efficient passing – an ideal that the Gunners have carried up to this moment. This only shows that his coaching has affected Arsenal’s culture as a whole.

In his lead, Arsenal won the Premier League title in 1997–98, 2001–02, and 2003–04. He also won the FA Cup seven times, which was an unprecedented feat for any Prem manager. On top of that, the 2003-04 EPL win proved his excellence by finishing it unbeaten.

The Premier League awarded him with a unique gold trophy for his success. Wenger was given the trophy as a parting gift from the club after his last home game as manager in May 2018. That alone proves why he is the best coach that Arsenal ever had.

Wenger was a standard for managers

Wenger’s tactics have been shared by a lot of managers all over the world. The coach’s use of key passers on the pitch made his team more flexible in making fast lobs from one side to the other.

While offence may sound like the best priority for Wenger, the coach is also known for his trapping defence, which made him a formidable opponent for most managers in the league. This says a lot about the way he has led Arsenal to become a team to beat in his lead.

Over the years, Wenger’s added creativity on the pitch and quick adjustments made it easy for him to be known as a smart manager who can create opportunities for his squad on the fly.

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His antics have also proved the fact that the Prem is not just for English managers alone. The coach has set the bar for Arsenal coaches and in the league as well. This only proves that there is more to expect from those who want to follow his steps in the years to come.

Wenger is a seasoned manager

Wenger’s success over the years prior to his Arsenal stint made him a tough manager to beat. The mere fact that he has learned a lot of strategies for his whole career and come up with a team like Arsenal that has a lot of talented players proved that he is the best man for the job.

So far, Wenger’s success showed that he deserves a lot of praise. Any Arsenal sponsor would love to see a coach like him step up soon and become a big winner in the league as well.

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