Why can’t I see all of my business’s Google reviews?

business's Google reviews

If you’re like most business owners, you probably rely on online reviews to help attract new customers. After all, what better way to learn about a business than from the people who have already been there? And Google is the biggest player in online reviews, so it’s essential to make sure your business has as many good reviews as possible on Google. But what if you can’t see all of your business’s reviews?

When you can’t see your Google reviews due to GMB listing problems

Incorrect information

on your Buy Google Reviews can lead to a whole host of problems, including preventing customers from leaving reviews. If your business name, address, or hours are incorrect, potential customers may not be able to find your listing – and if they can’t find it, they can’t leave a review. The same goes for businesses with multiple locations – if each location has its own listing, make sure the information on each one is correct. You can edit your GMB listing yourself or reach out to Google for help.

Duplicate business listing

If you have more than one listing for your business on Google, it can cause problems with reviews. Customers may leave a review on one listing, thinking it’s for your business – but because it’s a duplicate listing, you’ll never see it. The best way to fix this problem is to claim your duplicate listings and then delete them.

Location-specific businesses

If your business is location-specific – meaning customers can only visit your business in person – you may not be able to see all of your reviews. That’s because Google only allows customers to leave reviews for businesses that they’ve visited in person. So if someone visits your store but doesn’t buy anything, they won’t be able to leave a review.

Inactive business listings

If your GMB listing is inactive, you may not be able to see all of your reviews. An inactive listing can happen for a number of reasons, including if you’ve moved locations or changed your business hours. To fix this problem, you’ll need to claim your listing and then edit the information.

New listings

If your business is new, you may not have enough reviews to show up in Google’s search results. That’s because Google only displays businesses with a certain number of reviews. But don’t worry – as you start to get more reviews, you’ll eventually be able to see them all in your listing.

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Temporarily disabled

If your GMB listing has been temporarily disabled, you won’t be able to see any of your reviews. This usually happens if Google detects suspicious activity on your listing, such as fake reviews or spammy keywords. To fix this problem, you’ll need to contact Google and explain what happened. They may be able to help you reactivate your listing.


Sometimes, Google experiences outages that can prevent business owners from seeing their reviews. If you think this might be the case, you can check the Google My Business Help Forum to see if there are any reports of an outage.

When you can’t see your Google reviews due to content issues

Spam reviews

If you’re seeing a lot of spammy reviews on your listing, it’s probably because Google hasn’t had a chance to filter them out yet. Google is constantly working to remove fake reviews, so eventually they should all disappear from your listing. In the meantime, you can flag the reviews as inappropriate and report them to Google.

Flagged reviews

Sometimes, Google will flag a review as being in violation of their content guidelines. When this happens, the review won’t be visible on your listing – but you’ll still be able to see it in your GMB account. If you think a review has been unfairly flagged, you can appeal the decision to Google.

Reviews with URLs

Google is known for getting rid of reviews that include links or URLs. As a small business owner, you could remind your customers not to do it while requesting new ones from friends and family who might have read the review with one strong enough opinion on where they should go if this isn’t their first time visiting! If someone has left an excellent feedback containing these types things then ask them kindly but firmly edit out any reference towards specific websites because there are always going copy+paste something into each others’ comments without thinking ahead – don’t let yourself get caught unprepared again next time 🙂

Deleted reviews

If you delete a review from your listing, it will no longer be visible to anyone – not even you. So if you’re trying to get rid of a negative review, this isn’t the way to do it. Instead, you can flag the review as inappropriate and report it to Google.

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In summary

The main reasons you might not be able to see all of your business’s Google reviews are:

  1. Your business is new and doesn’t have enough reviews yet
  2. Your listing has been temporarily disabled
  3. There’s a Google outage
  4. You’re seeing spammy reviews
  5. Some of your reviews have been flagged
  6. Some of your reviews include URLs
  7. You’ve deleted a review


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