Why Does Chrome Keep Crashing on My Mac?

Why Does Chrome Keep Crashing on My Mac

Imagine that you are working on the Mac using a Chrome browser, or just surfing the Internet looking for something interesting, and suddenly, it keeps crashing, so you cannot read anything or watch something online. Needless to say, it’s quite an annoying and unpleasant issue that can happen with anyone. Of course, if it happened just once, you may not turn your attention, but what to do if it crashes again and again, making your work or leisure totally awful? For example, you could try to read news in the morning but Chrome crashed and you continued on the phone. But what to do if you were doing some important research or writing any technical paper using information from various websites? In this case, you just cannot continue working and keep experiencing an awful problem with the browser’s crashing.

Do not worry, any problem can be fixed sooner or later, and the Mac isn’t exception. First of all, you need to stop panicking and try to understand what’s wrong. With our detailed guide, you can discover the main reasons why the browser keeps crashing on the device and also make something to fix this problem. Keep reading to forget about this annoying issue forever!

Why Does the Browser Keep Crashing?

If you experience your Chrome freezing, crashing, or working very slow on the Mac, there may be several reasons why. Discover the things why you get this annoying problem:

  1. The device is slow. When the Mac is very slow, it can lead to Chrome crashing due to system caches. They just slow down the computer and cause Chrome to crash constantly. This problem may occur if the computer’s battery is draining too fast.
  2. Issues with system files. When any system file on the Mac is damaged, it can lead to crashing the browser. In many cases, this problem is connected to malware. If some system files are infected, you can experience the browser crashing.
  3. The browser takes up the RAM. Chrome is a fast browser that displays web pages immediately. When you sync many other applications with this browser, it may take up a big amount of RAM, so eventually, it may be frozen, slowed down, or crashed.
  4. Incompatibility with other applications. Every day, you use a lot of other programs and apps on the Mac, and some of them can keep crashing or slowing down. These programs can be network-connected to Chrome and cause its crashing too. In some cases, other programs can be infected with malware and it causes issues with the browser too.
  5. Very slow or no Internet connection. If you are having quite a slow connection or it disappears at all, it may cause issues with the browser’s crashing. In this case, you may experience that Chrome works slowly and keeps freezing all the time.
  6. Your browser wasn’t closed properly. In many cases, the problem occurs if you haven’t closed the application properly. If you are in a hurry, you can just turn off your device without closing Chrome, so it stays open, and the next time when you try to use it, the browser can be frozen, work slow, or crash.
  7. Malicious extensions of the browser. If your Chrome works improperly, it may happen because its extensions contain some viruses. Some add-ons can stop working, causing the browser to be slow or frozen.

How to Prevent Chrome from Crashing?

So, now you know the main reasons why your computer’s browser keeps crashing all the time. Now, it’s time to discover the possible solutions to fix this unpleasant issue and continue working on your device without any problems.

  1. Check your device for computer viruses. Some users think that if they have a Mac computer, there is no need to worry about viruses, but it’s not true, unfortunately. Any Mac device can be infected by malware and other computer viruses, so you need to download and install reliable software to check your computer from time to time. Most antiviruses can do it automatically and report about any problems. It’s the most successful and simple way to keep your device working fast and avoid any crashing problems with the browser.
  2. Check your browser’s compatibility with applications. Every time when you install any new software on the device, it may lead to compatibility issues, causing various problems with other installed apps, including Chrome. But you can check the compatibility in Chrome settings and then delete all incompatible programs from your device. You are able to set default settings for any program on the Mac or remove it from the device successfully, if it’s incompatible with the browser. As you can see, it’s quite simple, and you do not need any special knowledge to do that.
  3. Create a new profile. In many cases, this helps to avoid the browser’s crashing. You can create a profile in Chrome settings. There is no need to remove your current profile, but you can just add a new one, creating a new name and picture. After this, try to launch Chrome under the new profile and see if it works successfully. Many users know about this thing, and it’s the fastest solution when you need to work on Chrome urgently but it keeps freezing and crashing all the time.
  4. Close the browser properly. Make sure your Chrome is closed correctly to avoid crashing. When it isn’t shut down as it should be, this app takes up a lot of the computer’s RAM, causing problems. Go to the launchpad and find the Activity Monitor there. Search there for Chrome and close it down to avoid any freezing, slow work, or crashing the next time when you will launch it again. Do not forget to close the browser properly every time when you finish the work on the device to prevent any unpleasant issues with Chrome.
  5. Use reliable software to speed up the device. In general, you cannot blame the browser if it has any issues because after all, your Mac can be a reason that causes crashing things. When your device works slow and cannot handle all the tasks you need to perform, there can be various problems with apps and programs. In many cases, lots of cache files can cause the computer’s slow down. Sometimes, there can be a big amount of junk and unnecessary files on the device that also affect the computer’s performance and Chrome’s performance, too. But you can solve this problem with additional software for the Mac that can clean up the device without any problems and remove junk, unnecessary, and malicious files easily. Your Mac will work better and faster, and the browser will also work properly without any unexpected things.

So, if you have any issues with Chrome on the Mac, do not worry, because now you can fix them easily and fast thanks to our detailed instructions. Please, feel free to use this link to read more information on solving crashing problems on the Mac computer successfully.