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Why does my Spotify keeps pausing ? | 5 Easy Solutions

Spotify keeps pausingSpotify keeps pausing

If you enjoy listening to music then you have probably heard of Spotify. If you haven’t then Spotify is the best music streaming platform where you can listen to almost every song.  Though you can listen to almost every song sometimes Spotify becomes annoying by giving some weird errors, Like when you are listening to your favorite artist and them Spotify keeps pausing.

You can relate to the frustration, right? You are reading this article means you are also suffering from the problem and wondering why does my Spotify keep pausing? But don’t worry today we will share with you the method to solve the Spotify keeps pausing problem along with its causes so that you can make a what-not-to-do list.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing?

There are several reasons for Spotify to keep pausing, some may be because of simple device errors or because of cache. Below is the list of all the causes for Spotify to keep pausing.

  1. Problem with the Spotify server
  2. Poor Internet Connection
  3. Accounts used in multiple devices
  4. Out-dated Application
  5. Unwanted Caches
  6. Power Saving mode

Solutions for Spotify keeps pausing

Above we have mentioned all of the possible causes for your Spotify to pause randomly. Now, lets’ discuss the solutions. As you can see there may be different reasons for Spotify keeps pausing, so we will share solutions for each problem so that you don’t have to search different websites to get the solution.

Solution 1: Check for Spotify Server

Sometimes Spotify servers get overloaded or there arise some technical issues which cause your Spotify account to pause and cause other problems. So before trying anything on your computer make sure that there is no issue with the Spotify server. If you are wondering how the heck will we check whether there is an issue with Spotify or not. Then just open any of the links below.

  1. Spotify Twitter page @SpotifyStatus
  2. Spotify  Ongoing Issues board

If there is an issue with Spotify then you can see that on that website.

Spotify keeps pausing
Spotify keeps pausing – Spotify Twitter page

Spotify keeps pausing

Above are some of the errors from the Spotify server. If you are facing Spotify pausing because of the server error then you have to wait for the Spotify team to resolve the problem. Once they fixed the problem then check your Spotify it should be working.

If the problem is not from the server and you are still facing  Spotify to pause randomly then it’s time to move to the second solution.

Solution 2: Sign Out of everywhere

You have probably heard of Netflix device limitations if you are using Netflix. They have put the limitation so that there, won’t be an overload in the account. But there is no such limitation in your Spotify account. You can log in to as many devices as you want and use Spotify. Because of this, there may come some overload in your account which causes your account to acts strangely. To check either this is causing the problem or not simply sign out your account from everywhere. Below we mentioned the steps to do so.

  1. Log in to your Spotify account from your browser…
  2. Once you have logged on to your account scroll down and you will see something like “Sign out of everywhere

    Sign our of everywhere
    Sign our of everywhere

  3. Log in to your Spotify account and check.

This method has proved to work for most of the readers. So we hope this method has worked for you. If this method didn’t work for you then we have to do some basic and common troubleshooting methods. Below we will mention the step-by-step method of basic troubleshooting.

Solution 3: Restart your device

YouTube video

If you haven’t tried restarting your device then you must do that. Restarting the device has proved to solve most of the problems. If you ever encounter some silly problem with your device then the first option for you to restart the device and check either it solve the problem or not.

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If you are still seeing the issue then check for another solution.

Solution 4: Disable Data and Power Saving Mode

The devices are getting smarter day by day. For example, the chargers of mobile phones stop charging once the device hits 100% to prevent mobile batteries from being damaged. Like that they may cause Spotify to keep the pausing problem to prevent you from excessive use of data or power. So you have to disable them in your device if they are enabled. You can disable them from the notification bar in android and iPhone and solve Spotify’s pausing problem Spotify Alternatives.

Spotify keeps pausing
Spotify keeps pausing

Solution 5: Update your Software

As we keep mentioning, outdated software may cause different errors so you have to make sure that everything is updated. You have to update your system software as well as your Spotify app.

Final Words

Your problem should be fixed by the solutions mentioned above. If you are still facing the problem then you can try restarting your router or shifting from mobile data to wifi or wifi to mobile data.

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