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Why does your company need an IT audit?

your company need an IT audityour company need an IT audit

If you care about the safety of your data, and at the same time use custom software, then conducting an independent data security audit is a must-have thing. Any company needs to know the real level of security of its IT infrastructure in order to effectively resist cyber-attacks.

If you need help with an audit, you can always contact an independent IT service provider company that will help you with software audits. Now there are quite a few of them on the market. These companies distrust formal security and demonstrate to customers the real state of security of their external and internal perimeter, wireless networks, web and mobile applications, as well as the level of IT competence of their employees.

Today there are leaders on the market – companies that, over the years, have proven their top positions by caring for consumers of audit and consulting services. Let’s take a look at a few.


Oracle is a feature-rich company, which offers several audit capabilities. Today, many mid-sized firms and public sector organizations across a wide range of industries choose Oracle as an independent provider of good software with support.


Vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security code commenting, audit, compliance testing.


Inventory, security performance assessment, application security, testing, software composition analysis, continuous security monitoring, penetration testing, information leakage protection, virtual patching


This company will help ensure the security of applications, as well as the safety of your data, including conducting a risk analysis, data masking, file protection, and vulnerability detection.


The software product of the SAP company is the most consistent with the methodology of carrying out internal control measures in comparison with the solutions existing at the moment on the market. SAP Audit Management reduces the operational costs of conducting internal audits. This also helps to comply with legal requirements for companies.

With the use of SAP Audit Management, companies can create a single working tool for internal auditors, ensure that the company’s internal audit processes comply with international standards.

Complex solutions and work for results

As of today, in the future, audit firms will be required to provide a comprehensive service. Relatively speaking, the client wants to contact one company and receive all the necessary services. Individual procedures will become a thing of the past.

That is why the mechanism of payment for the services of auditors and consultants will change. If hourly wages are more popular today, then in the future wages will be tied to the result. This means that audit firms need to provide high-quality services and be truly valuable to their clients’ businesses. From hourly billing to value pricing – says the whole world today. This trend will only intensify in the future. Customers will become more demanding and pay for the benefits.

Maintaining the good professional shape

Since a high level of professionalism in any field will be the key to achieving success, the improvement and expansion of professional knowledge will not lose relevance. However, you should be ready to study in a new format. The number of those wishing to study remotely, using the capabilities of modern technologies, will increase.


Only a regular audit makes it possible to obtain reliable information about the state of the system, analyze the parameters of the current network security, assess risks and look for ways to minimize them. Simply put, an audit is a basic tool to ensure maximum security of information resources, and therefore the business as a whole. There are many companies on the market that are ready to help you with your audit. You just need to choose.