Why does your Ecommerce store require Google Voice Search Extension?


Does it make it easy when your E-commerce store provides Google voice search where customers can have a conversational search with ease? The Magento 2 Google Voice search extension is a great top-of-funnel activity, as you can make your searches more easily accessible to customers. An Interesting invention, that saves time and lets us use simple voice commands for our work. The Voice search extension can be a great companion for your E-commerce business  and you can learn more about this by visiting

Voice Search is a search, so if you are in the top ranks on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) then your work is easy. These digital assistants are making everyday life simpler and adapt to recent trends.   

How can you prepare your E-commerce business for the Magento 2 voice search extension?

Faster loading on your site 

The fast load time is an effort to improve user experience. The faster the site or page loads the more it grabs the user’s attention and keeps them engaged in your store. When a customer decides to use the Magento 2 voice search extension, the results should be displayed instantly without any delays. The voice search results should be less than 4.6 seconds as per Google guidelines.

Some of the features that would help you in making faster page loads:

  • Use cached data
  • Use a reduced size for the images
  • Put your investments in the Content delivery network
  • Delete broken links
  • Minimize the use of redirections on your store
  • Select a faster web host.

Some of this will help you in better search results for Magento 2 voice search. 

Increasing the use of Long-tail Keywords 

Magento extensions for enabling to use a Voice search assistant is to make it conversational and user-friendly. Most of the voice searches are in the form of questions, not usual phrases. Like while typing a customer might write “Shoes for men” but on the voice search it might be “Can you show me shoes for men?” So, here is a great difference in the way people approach to search results. Here, Google Analytics can help in determining the impact of voice search and let you know the common keywords used.  Your e-commerce store should target these keywords and build naturally phased questions for voice search.

Social Media for Promotions 

The owner should be familiar with recent updates in the market and what the customers are asking in recent days. Social Media gives you the benefit of interacting with your customers and keeping track of their nature for e-commerce stores. The language they use to interact with products or services provided at your E-commerce store. 

This social media becomes a great link between the E-commerce store and customers. It builds a pretty clear verbal image of the trending content used through voice search for products. Such data are a great method to improvise your content according to the customer’s requirements. 

Keep a track of trigger words 

The trigger keywords are the most commonly used words for Voice search on an E-commerce store. Some of them are how, why, best, what, where, free, top, new, when, types, why, and many more. As it is a conversational search people intend to ask questions or clear their queries about the product in the search.

You need to keep track of these trigger words that are commonly used on your store and target them in your content like product description, FAQ, or services. Make the content more simple and reader-friendly which helps in better voice search results.

Structure of E-commerce Store

To keep steady and bring your platform on top of the search results, it requires a consistent back end that is focused on a bigger objective. All that little detail matters when you’re building up an e-commerce store. An improved structure can allow you to flourish in the top search results by miles. 

The Magento 2 Modules make this task simpler, by providing so many options to optimize your store. The Magento modules give you the freedom to customize your e-commerce store and improve the structure for better ranking in the online business.  

The FAQ should help in easy voice searches

FAQ pages are obsolete and have not been used much. But FAQ can save time by listing down the potential queries and questions on a single page. The FAQ will help you stuff the important keywords and list the questions that are more trending. This is easier and less time-consuming.   

Common Language and conventional Sound

Keep the language more user-friendly and what their commonly used phrases in the search result. The logic to replenish your e-commerce store with these keywords is making it similar to how people speak in real life.  This is because typing requires efforts, while speaking is an easy way to get results. 

Some Advantages of having Voice Search

  • Intelligence: The Magento Modules provides you voice assistant extension which is extremely intelligent and loaded with knowledge. 
  • A better option than normal search: Normal search is tiring sometimes but Voice search makes it easy and faster.
  • Multi-purpose: With the voice, search users can put their queries, search products, buy products, sell products, and many more.
  • Evolving with the Market: A Magento 2 voice search is the trending method for giving search results and by using this Magento 2 extension your website is enriched with the evolving market trends.  

So, Magento 2 voice search extension is the future of the e-commerce sector, you need to have certain strategies to stand strong in the Market. The customers are rapidly transforming to voice search and to keep up with their needs to be fair guidance of the adding voice search. These extensions developed by a Magento Development Company are helping you to give kick-start your e-commerce store. People can use this way to search and get results by using the voice command on mobiles, laptops, smartwatches, and tablets which makes their task much easier. As the market is growing at a high pace, so should your e-commerce store with convenience and comfort. Make sure you put your investments in the right place and they pay off correctly or else reach us out.