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Why Does Your Website Needs SEO Audit?

Why Does Your Website Needs SEO Audit?

Are you continuously looking to rank higher on search engines but unable to do so? How do you find out your mistakes and rectify the same? SEO Audit can help you in finding out the website’s weaknesses and strengths. Your website isn’t just about the appeal. You might pick some wonderful combinations of colors. However, if your website isn’t good at all the basic SEO practices, it can be quite a challenge to rank the site.

SEO Audits can help you in finding out the negatives and positives of your website. Here are a few reasons to conduct SEO audits for your website.

Helps you in finding out the technical issues

A thorough and good SEO audit will help you in finding out the technical issues on your website. By rectifying these technical issues, you will be able to enhance your website for better search engine ranking. Once you fix all the technical issues on your website, search engines will be able to crawl through your website easily.

Technical SEO is all about building a solid foundation for your website. This will have a significant impact on user experience. Fixing up the technical issues will be to ensure that the site is properly functional and provides the top experience.

If you are wondering what technical SEO includes, here are a few elements.

Website speed

Website speed is basically the time it takes for the website to load. This is one of the most important factors for search engines to crawl through your website. Search engines give a lot of importance to the user experience. Therefore, if the UX of the website is quick and to the point, you can expect better search engine rankings.

If your website takes a long time to load, there will be a higher chance that the bounce rate of the site will be pretty high. A few things that can help you in improving the site’s speed are:

  • Server response time
  • Large images
  • Redundant HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes


This refers to the time it takes for search engines to go through your website. If you have a good crawl speed, you can expect the website to rank higher. You can have a great crawability by using the robots.txt file, correcting utilizing rel=noindex tags and dynamic sitemaps.

URL Structure and site architecture

There should be subfolders on your website, which will help you to have a solid and organized architecture. Moreover, the site’s URL should be descriptive. Having proper URL structure and site architecture can help in providing a seamless navigation experience for the users.

Helps in finding out the on-page SEO issues

On-page SEO is all about making the right sort of optimization to the content. It is pretty simple to change to content for better SEO results. A proper SEO audit will help you in figuring out the following elements:

Internal linking

Internal linking will help users to go through different pages of the website. Putting the internal links strategically in the content will also increase the view time on your website.


Content will always hold a lot of importance when it comes to website ranking. With the help of the right tools such as WhatsMySERP, you can rank your site for the right set of keywords. However, it is crucial that you don’t overstuff the keywords. You might end up being penalized, or your site won’t be ranked on the search engines. So, makes sure that you opt for the right set of keywords. Also, use them strategically and naturally.

Meta descriptions and titles

These are two elements that will help in ranking properly on the SERP. Try to keep the description length under 160 characters and use a keyword in the same. For meta titles, keep them between 35 and 70 characters. This will be the perfect CTA for the page results.


These are basically the headlines that will tell the readers all about the page. H1 makes it simpler for the users to figure out what the website and different pages are all about. By properly incorporating keywords in the H1, you can optimize the page titles to yield better results.

Helps you in developing a content strategy

Once you have fixed up the on-page and technical SEO, you can focus on making a solid content strategy. This will help in getting traffic to the website regularly. Moreover, it will help keep the existing SEO up to date for the website.

Final Verdict

These were some of the top reasons for conducting detailed SEO audits for the website. By opting for these strategies can, you can expect some of the top results that will help in growing your business in the right direction.

On top of that, these SEO audits will tell you the areas of improvement and also help in growing your company in the right direction. So, keep these reasons in mind before deciding on the right strategies to expand your business. Get a website SEO audit done at the earliest and ensure that your website reaches out to the right audience.

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