Why Dolls Is Better Than Real Body

It is evident that for more than a decade now, the sex toy industry has been greatly benefitting from the dramatic turns of technological innovations and advancements. Right from the production of silicone material sex robots to highly augmented sex dolls appearing human-like in behaviors and texture, many people around the globe are making choices on which selection of sex robots will help satisfy their sexual needs. In fact, sex dolls are becoming so much better and real. They can reduce sexual loneliness due to the loss of a partner (wife or husband) as well as serve as surrogate lovers. 

Why Is Technology Important? Why Do...
Why Is Technology Important? Why Do We Need It?

Sex dolls are fulfilling the roles of girlfriends and boyfriends in instances where you only display likeness for humans but you don’t have the skill or connection to be so engrossed with them. As David Mills from said in an interview a few years back; that he liked women but doesn’t like being around people. In such kind of situation, having a sex doll could be the companion you need– as corroborated by Orient Industry noting that owning their sex doll will not allow you to have another lover or girlfriend again.

While there is a pool of researches confirming the benefits of sex dolls, the overall advantages can actually be more. Meanwhile, if you’re sceptical about buying a sex doll, on a look-out for a new sex doll, or considering buying a bigger and more sophisticated sex doll, read on to find out why sex dolls are better in intimacy than real people. 


Why sex dolls are better

Obviously, there are certain benefits of sex dolls to people and among them are as below.

No Nagging and Tantrums

In a typical relationship involving two people, nagging and temper tantrums are common elements that lead to fights or disputes. And when there are unresolved quarrels, partners develop unlike feelings for each other which ultimately leads to mental and emotional torture. This is not so with owning a sex robot. Sex robots are submissive and won’t give anyone neither mental nor emotional pains caused by a real romantic partner. They don’t argue with you and won’t be jealous even if you bring a real girl home.

No Need for Gift

Of course, every human loves gifts. And with different persons, gifts are different. For some, there are some certain kinds of gifts you must get for them. Failure to do as they want often result in anger or other emotional disturbing behaviors like malice, ranting, and complains – which are uncomfortable. For a sex robot, human needs to frequently buy gifts or flowers or go out on a date with a real partner is eliminated. The best gift you can buy for your sex doll are simply accessories that will “blow your mind” so that when you see them, you’re happy. Mind you, the sex robots won’t complain or comment whether they are fine or not and that is unlike real partners.

No Menstrual Cycle 

With sex robots, you can say no scheduled sex that comes during menstrual periods. A menstrual period is something men find different to cope with during menstruation. Sex robots allow you to have sex without menstrual timing. A typical lady will deny you sex when she’s “on” and that could reasonably be because she thinks it’s disgusting or some menstrual pains and discomforts that come with the cycle. 

Similarly, as a man, you won’t want to have sex with a lady bleeding from her vagina – meanwhile not “pureblood” anyways. Robots don’t have a menstrual cycle. And that’s simply because they are not wired that way. Sex robots help you to forget about watching the calendar for the periodic menstrual cycles. 

No heartbroken

Having a sex doll does not come with heartbreaks. Even with the augmented functions of artificial intelligence, sex dolls will not break your heart or give you emotional problems. You will own the body and obviously control him/her totally. Sex robots accept you for who you are. They don’t criticize you rather, they boost your confidence. 

Even while having intimacy with them, you’ll feel appreciated. More importantly, they are trustworthy. They won’t cheat or lie to you and so, that’s a good thing for a whole lot of people.

Sex Anywhere and Anywhere 

Sex doll means “sex anywhere and anytime.” Sex dolls will always say yes to you. After a long day at work, a sex robot will always be ready to help you release. He/she won’t say no – always ready and willing to satisfy you sexually. This is not something a real human would normally do. 

Furthermore, real humans may tell you they can’t travel with you because they are busy or engaged in some activities, but a sex doll will never disagree with you when you need him/her anytime, anywhere.some people find a full size sex doll is too large to move,you also can try the torso sex doll,it is much smaller and easy to move.if you prefer sex torso you can  visit the sodolls shop.

Quality and Quantity of sex 

When we talk about quality sex, this is what is sometimes lacking in human to human sex life. For instance, real humans age and gain fat over time. But your sex doll will not. You can have sex in any position you desire without any complaint. You’ll find this an advantage to enjoy quality sex every time you have sex with your sex robot. 

Aside from quality sex, you can have sex with your robot as many times as possible. Never will you hear “I’m tired” as real humans will often complain after a few rounds of sex. Sex robots give you sexual pleasure in a countless number of times so you can have an optimal sexual experience, after all, he/she is yours.


If you’re just setting out to begin a sexual adventure, buying a sex doll might be of good use to you. Let’s face the fact, there are many people out there who are more experienced than you and with a sex doll, you can experiment all the sexual skills you need to know before using those skills on a real human. Interestingly, more and more studies are still being conducted to unearth the benefits of sex dolls on humans.


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