Why field service management software is essential to improve company increase

Field Service Management software is a means for field personnel management organizations.

FSMs serves to organize the manner of a service organization in such a way as to minimize manual actions and ensure the performance of the service without the constant participation of the owner in the operating activities of the company. Solutions free up the manager’s time to solve more important, business-forming tasks: company development, interaction with clients, income flow using also electrical service scheduling software.

Resolutions of this class allow firms to process orders (requests), draw up work schedules, distribute technical specialists, plan work schedules, interact with buyers and interact within the organization, maintain a client base, maintain a setting history, train new personnel, organize checkpoints where this is necessary to control the quality of the services provided.

Cloud FSM systems will save hundreds of thousands of rubles for implementation, creation of your infrastructure, and costly maintenance for your portable applications.

What tasks does software developed particularly for service organizations help to solve?

  1. Develop client help delivery

Building relationships with buyers is a systematic, consistent process. And you need to carefully monitor each stage of it. It does not end after the sale of the goods or set. This process starts from the moment a client comes to you and continues for many years.

  1. Simplify the preparation of work schedules and work calendars of performers

With field service management software, planning is easier than ever. It is usually really difficult if done manually. This way often leads to human error. This may be a missed meeting with a client, a downtime of a specialist who has been assigned to a shift, failure to fulfill priority tasks, late performers when visiting clients, etc.

With the FSM-system, the task of selecting the optimal contractor for the order can be automatically solved practically without the participation of your employees.

  1. Control the work and labor costs of performers in the context of the types of work performed, requests, set objects, and clients.

Timing is an essential daily task of the greatest service trades as they sell staff time to clients including keeping record of this time is vital for their correct work.

Therefore, field specialists need to note the time spent on a particular job.

It enables to automate the timing means, since the start and end times of the task are easily recorded, and the system helps the specialist select the types of work performed from the directories right in the mobile application.

  1. Upgrade the effectiveness of field professionals

The best way to increase production capability plus avoid repeated appointments of specialists is to make certain that the performer is trained and everything he needs is at his fingertips.

It’s not just about parts or tools. Equally important for the field technician is the way to data:

  • technical documentation,
  • history of previous repairs,
  • checklists,
  • report on the object of setting,
  • error codes for supplies,
  • maintenance regulations,
  • terms of contact with the customer,
  • a list of spare pieces possible in the warehouse,
  • tariffs and much more.

All this should be possible to a specialist on a smartphone within the FSM-system mobile application.

By optimization the process of assigning people to fulfill requests, they can arrive at the job site quicker, which increases client comfort with the level of aid and provides more opportunity to complete the work.

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