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Why Have an eBook Written by a Web Writing Pro?

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If you are a web entrepreneur, you have probably noticed that many sites offer their customers a free or paid digital book. The idea tempts you, but you still doubt the relevance of having an eBook written. Maybe you already have a content idea, but you don’t know how to bring your white paper project to life? You can’t find the time to write that guidebrochure or tutorial you have in mind… The solution that many web entrepreneurs have already reached to create profitable content is very simple: have an eBook written by a web editor. professional. As you will see in this article, the eBook represents a powerful marketing tool for many professionals visible on the web.

Why writes an eBook?

The digital book is a digital product that is set to develop. Indeed, Internet users and mobile users increasingly prefer reading on screens. Beyond this practical aspect, an eBook is much more than a loss leader: it is an effective commercial lever for any company, whatever its size and sector of activity.

The free eBook, a powerful digital marketing tool

The free eBook is an excellent communication medium for:

  • transmit precise informationand demonstrate your expertise on a particular subject;
  • gain credibilityand increase your notoriety with your community or professionals in your sector with, for example, a company white paper to be integrated into a Bob content marketingstrategy;
  • give added valueto products or services: an eBook is a written medium that can support videos, deepen the theme of an article, etc.;
  • respond to the needs and concerns of a target audience and, in doing so, build customer loyalty;
  • make your readers want to know more, go further and, why not, then use your services, buy you training, a more complete guide or even a product mentioned in the eBook offered;
  • advance prospects in the sales funnel and increase the conversion rateon your site;
  • Enrich your mailing-listas long as you comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The eBook, a marketable product

Many sites offer an eBook free of charge for the reasons we have just mentioned. But everyone can also have an eBook written to sell it. A well-designed and well-marketed about professional hire ghost writers can also become a source of regular income. Paid eBooks are usually longer than free eBooks and provide premium content. Its selling price varies according to its length and its theme, it generally ranges between 5 and 30 euros. An eBook can be monetized if it meets a particular need of Internet users:

  • eBooks that target highlyspecialized areas (finance, stock market investment, real estate, legal, etc.) have strong commercial potential;
  • in general, rare or so-called “niche” sectors are very buoyant;
  • the tips for creating a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram profile are of interest to many Internet users, as are everything related to strategies for presence on social networks.

Moreover, the eBook is an ideal communication medium for many professions:

  • Teachers, trainers, coachesor therapists can easily demonstrate to their customers the usefulness of acquiring an eBook on specific knowledge. In addition, it may make readers want to treat themselves to a coaching session, complete a training course or sign up for a premium program.
  • For bloggersan eBookcan serve as a springboard to monetize their personal experience and knowledge, especially if the blog already has a good audience.
  • Creatives, artistscraftsmen present on theweb have every interest in offering a digital book in addition to the sale of their products. Hobbies (painting, photography, music, gardening, etc.) as well as craftsmanship (restoration of antique furniture, herbalism, bakery/pastry, floral art, hairdressing, etc.) offer endless possibilities for creating eBooks attractive.
  • More generally, merchantscan distribute eBooks related to products available online or in their physical store. A delicatessen will sell tasting guides, a natural cosmetics store will offer a guide to essential oils according to skin type, etc.

These are just a few examples: this list is not exhaustive. When it comes to eBooks, there is no thematic limit!

Why have an eBook written by a professional web editor?

Web entrepreneurs are overflowing with ideas, but they often don’t have time to write. In addition, eBook writing services requires proven skills. Relying on the expertise of a professional to have an eBook written is therefore highly recommended!

Save time, efficiency and quality

More specifically, why resort to an experienced pen to write an eBookDelegating the writing of your texts to a professional will save you precious time that you can devote to other aspects of your business. You will also give yourself the means to:

  • provide your audience with a clean and neat document(impeccable spelling, mastered grammar, varied vocabulary, flexible and pleasant syntax to read, adequate punctuation and typography that respects standards);
  • Structure and clarify your ideas: an eBook (especially if it is long) must be presented logically (arrangement of chapters, effectiveness of the introduction and conclusion, referencing of sources, etc.);
  • Adopt an appropriate styleand find the right tone to reach your readership. We are not addressing surfing enthusiasts in the same way as business partners, teenage gamers and adults preparing to walk along the paths of Santiago de Compostela… C is a truism, but only an expert in the French language will be able to master all these stylistic nuances.

In short, having a qualitative eBook written is the best way to convey a serious image, to show your know-how. If a poorly written document considerably harms the credibility of the author, on the contrary, a quality language constitutes a pledge of confidence for your prospects, your customers or your partners. 

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