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Why Having a Secure Remote Environment Is More Critical Today Than Ever Before

Why Having a Secure Remote Environment Is More Critical Today Than Ever Before

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has forced several organizations to adapt to the policy of work from home. Remote work has some positive sides as well as some negative effects on the work. The biggest challenge in today’s remote work environment for organizations is cyber threats. Organizations have spent billions of dollars to secure their networks and buildings from cyberattacks. But all of this was possible when employees were working from the office. Now with the option of work from home, all the network security has been exposed to cyber threats.

According to best dissertation service with the private internet connection, the employees are now at higher risk of insider threats as they become easily accessible by espionage and targeted surveillance. Here are some tips to keep your data secure while your employees work from home during this pandemic.

Why Having a Secure Remote Environment Is More Critical Today Than Ever Before

Improve the Visibility on Your Network Perimeter and Employees:

With all the employees working from home, they still have to connect with your network to access network hosted assets. But you have less visibility of the employees’ devices and their activities. There are a variety of different networks and devices that employees use to access the organization network.

You cannot control or spy on your employees’ devices due to their privacy concerns as well. You have to find out a way where you can monitor their devices and do not breach their privacy at the same time. It becomes quite a delicate task for organizations.

It is better to deploy a better device management system to keep a track of the device’s health. It is critical for every organization.

Cyber Forensics and External Threat Monitoring:

Remote working means a larger attack surface for the bad actors. Now it is easy for hackers to target the home networks of people that are less secure as compared to the well-built network perimeter of the organizations. Cyber forensic is one solution that can be helpful in this regard. You can outsource this complex task to a third-party vendor who is an expert in cyber forensics.

Insider Threats:

An employee with little cyber awareness training can become an insider threat in this remote work environment. Just think of an employee to receive and click on a phishing link when connected to his/her private network. The malware is installed on his/her computer, now as soon as he is connected to the network perimeter, it spreads around quickly. This could have been blocked at the initial stage if the employee was connected to the network perimeter at the workplace instead of the home network.

So a robust device management program and proper cyber awareness training should be mandatory for all employees especially during this pandemic.

Control Concerns and Cyber Espionage:

Sensitive and secret information is at more risk with the current work from home situation. The employee is accessing some confidential information through his home network which is not as secure as the corporate network.

You, as an organization, need to develop more controls, in this case, to keep your secret information secure. Regular phishing exercise is one way to keep your employee at toes to take cyberattacks seriously.