Why In-Person Communication Is Superior to Electronic Communication?

Electronic Communication

The advent of electronic communication has changed how people used to interact with each other traditionally. Initially, if an individual wanted to speak to his colleague, he had to physically leave his space and travel the required distance to communicate.

Or had to schedule meetings to discuss. However, in today’s time, all one needs to do is to send an email or hold a meeting over skype and it gets the job done.

On the contrary, there are some critical drawbacks of electronic communication. It may offer convenience to a lot of people, but certain issues cannot be discussed via electronic communication.

The sensitivity of certain topics enforces a face-to-face meeting. And there are no substitutes for that. If one is not physically present at the moment, it becomes very hard to argue a point or defend it in that case.

In this article, we will try to discuss why sometimes it is important to meet someone in person rather than opting for electronic correspondence.

Building Trust In Relationships

It doesn’t matter how superior the technology gets, one still needs empathy to survive as a human being. One-to-one communication enables people to understand each other more clearly. And this is what translation services do as well.

Though they are just a platform that assists people to get their text translated from one language to the target language. But they can bridge gaps between people who speak two different languages. Agencies such as Mandarin Translation services can help businesses effectively communicate with each other.

Strengthening Connections 

It doesn’t matter how impressive your interface is, businesses are built around human interactions. But to interact effectively, one needs to understand the other person. Now if the person doesn’t speak your language, the connection cannot be strengthened.

In this scenario, it becomes almost imperative to take help from translation services such as Chinese Traditional Translation Servies.

Expert research states that associations with partners start with a human face. Yet, 73% of respondents showed that innovation can develop and expand the fortitude of those connections.  Gen Y and Z laborers, specifically, are energetic clients of work-based advancements. These associations reinforced through innovation can get through hierarchical storehouses and rouse surprising outcomes.

Encouraging Dialogue 

Communicating in person is relatively better when it comes to dialogue versus simply passing along data. Innovation often steals the spirit of a conversation that only comes along when two or more people are interacting with each other. Certain types of dialogues should be encouraged instead of utilizing tech-based products.

Understanding What The Audience Wants 

It’s critical to understand where your listeners might be coming from, authoritative culture, and apparatuses to right-estimate how one can impart what they want to convey to the audience. Your inclination may not be lined up with what will be best.

Or what the customer is looking for. Therefore, the best strategy in this scenario would be to utilize compassionate interest to decide the best methodology for the effect and the result one is looking to accomplish.

This is precisely what most translation agencies, such as Professional Malay Translation Services are trying to achieve. They are directly catering to the needs of the consumers. Hence, targeting only the Malay-speaking customers.

Dealing With Sentimental Issues

At the point when we impart through internet-based stages, one of the difficulties we experience is that we lose large numbers of the fundamental components of correspondence as a result of slow web speeds, flawed innovation, and ecological interruptions.

So at whatever point, your message includes themes that are profoundly close to home in nature, it is ideal to impart this face-to-face, so that there is no confusion.

Translation services also have to deal with this issue very carefully. Translating sensitive information often involves taking care of the cultural, religious, and linguistic nuances.

If they are incorrectly interpreted by the target audience, it can lead to adverse effects. Hence, agencies such as Professional Japanese Translation Services ensure that they have professional human translators that are equipped with the cultural complexities of the target market.

Dealing With Critical Conversations 

The higher the stakes, the more basic the discussion, and the more you want to effectively communicate the idea. Nonetheless, think about both the idea of the subject and the timing. If the topic under discussion is extremely confidential it’s viable that you do not discuss it over a telephonic conversation. And prefer to discuss it face to face.

The Tone of The Message 

The in-person correspondence ought to continuously overshadow email or text when a complex or delicate issue is under discussion. Innovation-based specialized strategies frequently neglect to convey warmth or tone, while eye-to-eye discussions can assist with facilitating the most common way of talking about unpredictable points.

Supervisors who make it a highlight to have individual conversations are often the ones that end up leading the conversation to a fruitful conclusion.

Online Communication Lacks Human Feel 

In seasons of emergency, online correspondence is the dominating approach to conversing with clients and even with associates. Nonetheless, numerous workers feel depleted after enduring web-based gatherings, which are inadequate concerning human touch.

Up close and personal correspondence should be really important while beginning new business connections, for example, meeting new colleagues or onboarding new partners.


In this article, we tried to discuss how online and electronic communication is depleting the necessary human feeling required to develop a connection with people. Nonetheless, the important thing is to ensure that in today’s time electronic communication is not the only medium of communication.


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