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Why it is necessary to pick a guide compiled by a real player?

Among the different games that are presently popular, it is hard for games to match WoW in terms of the sheer numbers of players and the size of the community. The various editions of the game are a testimony of its immense appeal, with the revenue telling the story of the numbers. Undeniably, one of the biggest grossers in the MMORPG segment, WoW boasts of more than 100 million accounts. The popularity of the game and its various editions have given rise to a large number of guides for users. Here are compelling reasons on why it is necessary to choose a WoW classic leveling guide that is actually compiled by a player.


Role playing and the importance of knowing various elements of the game


Unlike other games, roleplaying in WoW requires a better understanding of various elements and characters in the game. It is therefore necessary to choose guide that has been compiled by a real player and not by automatic compilation. For instance, it is necessary to understand that WoW classic is a lot different from other MMO games. It is paced out right, and involves detailed action – for instance, the dungeon raiding scene. The graphics and the engine are the same, however, the pace is different. Classic is slower and requires a lot of grinding. In other words the number of repetitive actions that need to be performed are more in Classic when compared with the actions in other MMO games.


When the action of killing monsters or building up a trade skill increases in count, it is necessary to be highly skilled. This will help complete the levels faster and move on to the next level. The guide is intended to offer assistance on various actions; a few are listed below to help you understand the need for a guide.


Tips to help players who are just getting started with WoW Classic


What is a quest? – A quest is a specific task entrusted to a player who will receive a reward on completing the task. Quests are typically given by non player characters, and till the time that you get to the maximum possible level, you will get rewarded for each quest with experience points (XP). Following this, you will start receiving gold inplace of the XP. In WoW there are around 20,000 quests and has grown from the initial design that had only 100 quests.


What is grinding? – Grinding refers to the repetitive actions, that includes the killing of monsters or developing a skill. The term grinding levels indicates that the player in question is killing multiple monsters. The term grinding for reputation indicates that the player is collecting items. The earlier versions of the games allowed players to advance to the next level only by grinding; however, the present levels offers other options. Typically, it is advisable that players also kill monsters alongside to progress to the next levels faster.


Simple tips that can be used in the game


Prior to grinding levels, ensure that you are clear about your intended kill, as it is necessary to know that mobs that are low level in nature with large numbers will offer you greater experience than mobs that are powerful yet single. Similarly, when you grind in a party there is a possibility that you will reduce the progress that you make, but the fights will be faster.


Players who are grinding need not necessarily be on the opposite sides. For instance, skinners are permitted to be behind players for reciprocal needs. Skinners take away the hide and scales of animals that are probably of no use to a player and in return offer assistance in fights. This is helpful in specific situations when players possess less experience.


Finally, it is necessary for players to adequately stock up on requirements that may be useful for restoration. This will cut down the amount of downtime of a player and will also help to avoid the backtracking that is necessary for restoration.


Classic WoW is loaded with quests, and if you happen to use more of rested XP, it is possible to move to 60 without having to carry out grinding. In other words you do not have to repeatedly kill monsters to reach 60. However, if you really want to up your game and move to the next levels faster, then it is a good idea to slay monsters enroute. This will help you leap from one quest to another.




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