Why select Unreal Engine for game development?

Game engines are pre-built gaming components that provide a software development environment and allow game developers to create interactive video game frameworks for consoles, PCs and mobiles. Using these game design tools, developers get ready-to-use features like 2D and 3D rendering, physics engine, object collision detection, AI, sound, color, scripting and more without having to code any of these elements. There are several game engines on the market, but we will focus on the Unreal Engine and why it is a popular choice for game development.

What is Unreal Engine?

Tim Seveeny, the founder of Epic Games, released the first Unreal Engine generation in 1998. Its opening showcase was Unreal, a first-person shooter (FPS). Unreal Engine is well-known for its portability and support on various platforms ( Windows, macOS and Linux PCs), gaming consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, among others), as well as iOS and Android mobiles. Unreal Engine, launched in 2008, has been popular for creating high-definition graphics and next-generation physics effects. It has won numerous awards and a reputation for being the industry standard.

This is why many game developers choose Unreal as their game engine.

Unreal Engine: Key features

  • Blueprint visual scripting system for non-coding game developers
  • MetaSounds and Unreal Audio Engine for rich audio
  • Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality, and VR support
  • Pipeline integration of FBX, USD and Python scripting
  • The Unreal Editor allows you to create a world and edit landscapes.
  • Machine learning and character animation
  • Nanite engine for rendering and lighting
  • Simulations of particles and their effects
  • Unreal motion graphics (UMG), UI
  • Access to the source code of C++ and API

Why choose Unreal Engine game development?

By choosing Unreal Engine for developmentUnreal Engine Developers get the following benefits:

Multiplatform development is possible

Unreal Engine allows you to develop simultaneously for iOS and Android platforms. Only minimal platform-specific modifications are required. You can also develop your games for one or both of these platforms and then port them to another later. You can also port your mobile games to other Unreal Engine platforms, such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Switch, AR, and VR.

It’s by one of the world’s top game development companies

Epic, one of the world’s most respected game publishers and developers, created Unreal Engine. Epic is known for Fortnite and Unreal Tournament. As Unreal is a game engine developed by a well-known game company, there is no doubt its features will be a popular choice for game developers. It is undeniable that if you choose the right game developers, you are assured that the Engine will deliver the desired results.

With Unreal Engine, you can create both 2D and 3D mobile games

Epic has added Paper 2D to Unreal Engine 4. This sprite-based 2D animation tool can be used to create 2D or 2D/3D hybrid games. Paper 2D makes the Unreal Engine a great choice for creating 2D games, as Paper 2D has been used to create some notable games, including The Siege, The Sandfox, and Octopath Traveler.

The main attraction of the Unreal Engine is its ability to create large-scale games using high-fidelity graphics. Also, high-quality 3D graphics are the key to some of the most popular games for mobile, such as Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat Mobile.

Unreal Engine is free to use

Unreal is available for free. You don’t need to pay an upfront fee or a monthly subscription. The game engine can be used for free. Epic is not required to pay you unless your revenue exceeds $1 million. Epic will take a 5% cut if your game’s revenue exceeds $1 million. Epic can waive the 5% cut by paying a pre-payment.

The source code is available for anyone to access

Epic has published the entire source code for the Unreal Engine on GitHub. This source code can be downloaded and modified to meet your mobile development needs. You can customize the development experience by adding or removing features. Also, you can quickly and easily create your mobile game with a customized Unreal Engine and a team of skilled Unreal developers.

Want to build Unreal Engine development services?

As Unreal Engine offers several benefits, it is a popular choice among mobile game developers worldwide for developing Android and iOS games. Because of its photorealistic 3D graphics and high fidelity, Unreal Engine is perfect for creating large and complex games. It may be difficult for newer coders to use because they need to learn or master C++, and it might be more suited for experienced developers. Contact an experienced Unreal Engine Development Company and experience the benefits you cannot get if you choose other game engines.  

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