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Why Shouldn’t You Use Pirated Windows

Why Shouldn't You Use Pirated Windows

We all know that Microsoft Windows requires license so we have to pay for it. Also, we know that there are a lot of cracked versions of Windows that we can use for free. And Microsoft is not going to take action against you for using pirated Windows as long as you are using it for personal purposes at home. So, why shouldn’t you use pirated windows? Let’s get started on the topic.

Here are some of the reasons on  why shouldn’t you use pirated windows. Or simply, why would you want to buy a genuine one.


The pirated version you download have very less chance of getting updates. And no updates means high vulnerability. Not only that, the pirated software you can download may contain rootkit or lets call it virus. Using such software as your main OS can give attacker full or certain access to your device. No one wants that right? So, if you want a secure system and prevent unnecessary access don’t use a pirated system software.

You may think that using an antivirus program may solve the problem, but even antivirus can’t access the entire system. Some rootkits may lie so deep in the system that you won’t even notice that your system is corrupted.

Data Loss

Pirated versions are prone to crash and you may need to format your system every now and then. So, your data is less secure as well as there is a huge chances of data loss.

Support from the company

We all know that genuine products come with support from the company. So, if you buy windows you will be getting support from Microsoft. And company support is really helpful.

So, is your only option is to buy Windows?

No! I have two suggestions for you on this matter.

1. Just download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s official website and use without the product key.  You will see the activate windows logo on bottom right side of your PC  but other things work pretty well except some premium features.

2. Use a Linux distro. Linux distributions are free, open source and secure. So, it’s a good idea to use Linux rather than to get annoyed by activate windows logo. There are a ton of open source apps for Linux so it is an awesome deal.

There is a misconception that Linux is difficult to use. That is not the case, you may find some problems if you are totally unfamiliar with Linux but you will get use to it soon. The distro I recommend is Ubuntu. If you are new to Linux, Ubuntu is probably the best option for you. It has got a great community support in case you face any problem and its easy to use. In my view, it is easier to operate it than Windows.

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