Why Snapseed Is the Best Photo Editing App?

Nowadays, you will see that most people prefer to edit pictures to share on social media. It is challenging to get a photo that is not edited on any online platform. For the love of photography, editing has become popular in recent years. Among the lots of photo editing apps available on the internet, Snapseed is a features full one.

Snapseed is a highly capable photo editing app that helps to take your decent photos to the next level. In this editing app, you will find 29 filters to give an attractive look by increase brightness and contrast as well as adding a wide variety of textures, tones automatically. Besides, with this app, you can remove undesired things from your image by using healing tools.

In addition, Snapseed allows you to add text to your photo by adjusting font size, color, etc. However, here in this article, we are going to go into more detail about Snapseed and discover why this app is unique to others.

What is Snapseed?


Snapseed is one of the efficient photo editing apps that is free to install and use. For its lots of editing capabilities and advanced tools make it the best photo editing app on the internet. This app was created by Nik Software but Google acquired it later.

After acquiring the Snapseed, Google keeps it updated by adding new tools and filters. It is well designed that assists you to edit the photos quite easily and quickly. In general, this editing app is a highly recommended app for both amateurs as well as expert users.

Why Snapseed Is the Best Photo Editing App?

You might be wondering why you should download Snapseed for Mac? Well, compared to other photo editing apps, Snapseed has a lot of editing features and tools that make your editing easier. Here we have highlighted some prime features of the Snapseed.

Supports JPG, RAW Formats

Snapseed app supports both JPG and camera Raw files to edit, compared to most of the editing apps that don’t support RAW files. Through this app, you can import RAW files to edit and then export or save them into JPG format by keeping the same photo quality.

Tone Contrast Effects

This is one of the excellent effects on the Snapseed that enables you to control the contrast amount of your photo. This way you can focus especially on the high, medium, and low tones on the image. For example, if your photo has any mid-tone point, you can easily increase the contrast on that point.


Snapseed contains 12 different options in the filter section. By using this you can easily give an attractive look to your image. These filters automatically change the several editing parameters of your image including vignetting, saturation, and brightness.

HDR Scape Effect

This effect helps to transform an image into a tone mapped masterpiece by changing the dynamic range to sharpen the image. Through this effect, you can give an artistic look to your photo.

Add Text & Lens Blur

Through the Snapseed app, you will be able to add text to your image by adjusting the color, font, size, and many more.  Besides, the Lens Blur tool allows you to give a bokeh effect to your Photo. This tool coats your image background and makes the portraits appealing.

Frames and Vignette

Snapseed has lots of templates that enable you to add colorful and engaging frames to your images. Besides, the vignette feature allows you to add low darkness around the edges of your images to give them a more attractive and eye-pleasing look.

Effective Tools of the Snapseed


Below we have outlined some of the uses of editing tools of Snapseed that make your photo editing easier.

Auto-Tune the Pictures

Auto Tune is another amazing tool offered by the Smapsees that allows you to make auto adjust different parameters of your image. This feature automatically adjusts color, contrast, and brightness according to your image.

Stacks Tool

Stacks Tool is a useful tool of the Snapseed that lets you add an effect to a specific area on an image. Through this tool, you can paint a percentage of an area a specific color instead of using the black and white filter on your entire image.

Remove Unwanted Object

The healing brush tool of the Snapseed app is the essential feature to make your image clear. Through this tool, you can easily eliminate any undesired object or scene from your photo. This way you can also remove a person from the group photograph.

Face Pose Tool

Face Pose is a newly added tool of the Snapseed that helps to tilt and pan an image to make a slight difference in your image. This way you can adjust the pose and distortions of the length of an image according to your needs.

Transform Tool

To adjust the horizontal or vertical perspective and rotation of your image, the Snapseed app offers a transform tool. When it removes the image from the crop zone, Snapseed will automatically fill in those spaces.

What Users Say About Snapseed


A large number of people who use Snapseed, love it and this app has a loyal fan of photographers. Most users and photographers boast about Snapseed as being a must have app for anyone who is looking to edit their photos in an easy way.

Around half a million people have reviewed this app on the Google Play Store with a notable rating of 4.5 stars. Besides, in the App Store, over 1.5K reviews come with an average rating of 4 stars. And the majority of the users have reviewed this as positive.


Through this article, you might figure out why Snapseed is the best photo editing app. Compared to other traditional photo editing apps, Snapseed contains a large collection of features and tools. These features and tools help to make your editing easier and more enjoyable.

Moreover, the interface of the Snapseed is quite simple that can be used by anyone without facing any complications. Besides, its advanced tools and filters enable you, to make your image attractive with a single click.

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