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Why The Initial Idea Is So Important When It Comes To Building Your App?

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Despite the fact that the mobile application industry appears to be saturated, it remains a lucrative area when you possess the proper application idea. 

According to the monitoring organization, the amount of applications installed worldwide has increased by 60% during 2017. The research also highlighted that client spending had been quickly increasing.

Customers purchased apps worth over $240 million from Apple’s Application Store within a single day – during New Year’s Night in 2017. 

Statista says mobile applications will produce around $189 billion of earnings from marketing and promotion by 2020. 

How to Plan a Business From Scratch
How to Plan a Business From Scratch

Such data demonstrate that the worldwide app sector is still quite profitable. However, unless you have a one-of-a-kind application, you might struggle to join up on the fun.

Spend the effort and fine-tune the initial idea when building an application. The significance of developing a solid app concept cannot be emphasized. 

Everything else depends on that. If you don’t nail this step, not only will your application be a flop, but you’ll also have to spend much more cash and effort developing it.

This post will examine why it’s critical to spend time refining your app ideas. However, a few myths regarding app concepts need to be dispelled before we accomplish that.

Below are some factors why you should devote time to developing your original app concept


The concept for the globe’s next great app might strike you at an unexpected moment. As a result, you must develop the practice of jotting down all the most remarkable thoughts that occur to you regularly. Not all concepts are evident at first.

 Matters might get a bit hazy at times; therefore, you have to figure out the best way to work this out within your head. It’s essential not to lose out upon your thoughts. Devote efforts for fleshing out each concept in order to evaluate its maximum potential.

It will provide you with a comprehensive view of the issue and also how your application may handle that:

There are several smartphone applications available in the industry. The more distinct your software appears, the more likely it will stand out in the industry. When you have an app concept, the following step is to examine how this tackles an issue.

You’re definitely on your journey to establishing a new top-selling application if you could discover an issue, plus find out just how your application will fix it. 

Identifying a flaw is only the first step within the mobile application development procedure. The next stage is to do studies. You must investigate why the issue has eluded everybody else plus why nobody has ever considered building an application to fix the issue.

This will provide you with a much better understanding of the problem and place you in a solid position to develop a solution.

It will assist you in determining your target audience:

The goal of your application concept should be simple enough to have been stated in a single line. This is another of the advantages of developing your app’s first concept. 

Knowing your app’s goal can help you discover your target audience. This will also make it easier for potential clients to understand the worth of your software. 

Currently, app store consumers may only see a brief description and images of an application before deciding whether or not to download this. You could lose potential clients if the aim of your app is difficult to express.

Figuring out the concept of your application will allow you to adopt correct user retention techniques from page one and assist you in identifying your target audience. 

In business, the capability to define your target audience is crucial. You can figure out what they like as well as dislike. This can influence the development of your software and, as a result, boost its likelihood of succeeding.

It will offer you an opportunity over your competitors:

Another perk of devoting time to developing the original concept for your application has been that you will be able to evaluate the competition and determine what offers your application an edge over the rivals.

Knowing your competition can offer you a good indication of how tough or straightforward it would be to enter into the business with your application. Investigate your rivals’ past as well as how they have changed over time. 

Check out how many individuals have installed your rivals’ applications and even their rankings and reviews.

Going through those pains of discovering whatever gives your software an advantage over the competitors at the early stages of development can save you money and effort. 

Your rivals can teach you a couple of things regarding how to create your application more appealing for your target consumers.

It will help you determine which channel to market your software on in order to make a profit:

An additional advantage of broadening your app’s basic concept is determining which channel to market your application on. 

Despite the fact that there are several places where your software may be sold, it is critical to select the ideal one. Evaluate which site is better for reaching your target market to discover the best site.

In relation to income, Apple’s Application Store pays mobile app development companies more than Play Store as well as Windows Store. 

This App Store remains a more lucrative alternative for app builder than Google Play based on Apple News. Apple handed out over $20 billion for app makers during 2016.

Meanwhile, according to Technology Insider, user spending on the Apple App Store exceeded that on the Play Store. Consumers spend around $38.5 billion for the Apple App Store, whereas Google Play received $20.1 billion.

Although Apple’s Application Store appears to become a more appealing venue for selling apps, this might not always be the greatest match for your application. 

Since the Android system has a larger market penetration, this Google Play Store does have a greater reach. However, as compared with iPhone users, Android consumers are less willing to spend on applications.

It will serve as a guide for the development of your application:

Your application’s design is essential for performance. Setting up your application’s concept can help you come out with the greatest layout. Nothing beats any app that allows users to communicate with one another. You must develop the greatest design concepts and establish how to render your app interesting to your intended audience.

Do not scrimp on the aesthetic of your application for anything because this is another of the very first factors that customers notice. 

Your application’s inspiration should inspire every part of its style, including color schemes, symbol types, and also how users operate the app.

Your application is more prone to attract new customers when it features a distinct and user-friendly design. This is always best to accomplish minimal when this relates to style.

Avoid the common app development error of cramming too much information solely on a single page. Give it your best shot when selecting the ideal pixel images.

Make absolutely sure that the width of your letters, buttons, and icons is appropriate for the display width of your possible users.


Your app concept serves as the foundation for everything. You should devote time to nurturing your concept and shaping this into something unique. Before you make the next move towards bringing your concept to life, conduct research, evaluate it, and look for opportunities to enhance it.

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