Why to choose a Responsive Web Design?


In the present era of technology, we use multiple screen sizes to browse the website. So, it’s important to build a responsive web design for a better customer experience. If you are a web designer or want to know all about responsive design then you’re on the right path. Here, I am going to discuss all the responsive web designs. Let’s get started to discuss;

What is Responsive Web Design?


A responsive web design is a method to optimize and design the layout of a website according to every screen. Responsive web design is convenient for user and help in compiling all content on phone, tablets, laptop and no matter what the screen size they are using. The main purpose to build a responsive website is to adjust the layout and content according to the user’s smart screen.


Also, a responsive web design help in ranking the website on SEO and improve user experience with high communication that perfectly impacts increasing your business.


Responsive Vs Adaptive web design


Responsive web design was introduced in the market by Ethan Marcotte. Most people think that adaptive and responsive web design is almost the same but both are too different approaches. Let’s take a view;


Adaptive website design

Adaptive web design is design according to common screen size with static width. Adaptive website design according to a different layout that is significantly preferred in business for better understanding in competitors by the devices they are using.


Responsive website design

On the other hand, Responsive web design displays a specific layout according to the manual size of the screen on which the content will display. In a responsive web design, if you change the size of the screen then the layout will automatically adjust according to the screen but the content will remain the same.


Mobile Responsive website


In a mobile responsive website, all content needs to display the same on every website. Responsive website design is preferable if you are in search of a mobile-friendly website. The reason is that responsive websites provide a flexible layout as we need in mobile to adjust in all mobile screens.


Concept of Mobile-First Design


Mobile-first design indicates that we are going to create an attractive design having more restricted features and after that, we’ll use these features in the creation of large devices such as laptops, desktops, and tablets.


The concept of mobile-first design came first to enhance the browsing and cutting out its attempt into smaller functions. The concept of mobile-first design is that the developer first designs their idea on the small screen and then moves toward the big screen by adding more features to it.


Parts of a responsive web design


As we talk about responsive web design. Here, few features of a responsive web design are described below;

  • Flexible layout (to fix according to the screen size).
  • Topography (to enhance features).
  • Flexible and light images.
  • Evaluation.
  • Layout and dimension size.


The Bottom Line

Responsive web design is worth more in our community because every person uses different smart screens having multiple sizes. Website designing is growing popular as day after another.

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