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Wondering how to get maximum cash for your iPhone 7

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Selling a device online is never an easy task. There is always this sense of concern about what the actual worth of your phone is. Many sites offer to give you a good sum for your handset. So there is a chance of getting connected to fraudsters as well. When you think about it, by the time you filter the right leads and select a genuine buyer, you get all drained up and exhausted.

Selling your iPhone 7 – It’s either now or never?

With the launch of the iPhone 11 in 2019, Apple has stopped manufacturing iPhone 7. The ones that are available in the market are the last in circulation. If you are looking to sell your iPhone 7, now is the right time. Apple usually offers seven years of security upgrades and six years of software updates for all its iPhones.

Based on this information, iPhone 7 has only a year left of software updates and two years of security updates which means that it is more like you sell it now or never. Usually, people won’t opt for an iPhone that is quite outdated and has no value for money.

Where to sell your phone for maximum cash?

There are several platforms out there where you can sell your phone. Most of them offer a sense of transparency on who the buyer is and ensure safe transactions as well. You can sell your phones to sites that tend to recycle old phones. You can expect them to pay a decent price for your phone.

There are other sites where you can exchange your old iPhone for a new phone. Most online buyers and recyclers offer sellers a reasonable amount for their phones. If your iPhone 7 is in good condition, you can put it up on sites that sell refurbished phones. These sites offer a considerably high amount compared to other sites, provided your phone meets their terms and conditions.

How to sell your iPhone for cash online?

All you have to do is register yourself on these sites using your email id and phone number. Once done, you can put up photos of your iPhone and write a short description of the phone. You need to send your phone to the buyer through postage. Most sites offer free postage services.

Once the buyer receives the phone, payment will get made to your account. If the buyer finds any issue, they might ask for a revised price. You can track the status of the transaction throughout the process. Some sites even offer other modes of payment based on the customer’s request.

There are several options to sell iPhone 7 for cash. So, it is essential for you to research well and identify the buyer that offers the best price for your handset. It will only help you in getting a good price that you can put towards the purchase of your next handset.

Closing thoughts

The whole process of selling has become easy over the years. Though there are laws to govern online transactions, cybercrimes are still on the rise. Ensure that you choose the right platform to sell your phones. Compare the prices on different platforms before listing up your product on a site. We hope that this article served the very purpose it was meant for and helped you get an idea of how to sell your phone for maximum cash.

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