Working in Tech: How to Land a Role as an IT Project Manager?

Wondering how you end up working in tech? Here’s how you can become an IT Project Manager and start earning more.

Roles in IT are many and varied. You can have a job servicing laptops and phones, or you could be working as a web architect – or anything in between those two extremes. The world of technology is vastly expanded in the last two decades. Could you have believed back in the 90’s that we would have a prevalence for working from home in 2020/21? Never in a million years.

Given that there are so many roles in technology, it’s hard to know where to start if you want to land one. From getting educated to landing your dream job – how do you go about finding your ideal IT role? Let’s investigate.

The Steps to Take to Become an IT Project Manager

To become an IT project manager, you commonly have to spend some time as an IT technician to gain experience. That’s not all you need, either. You will have to be qualified for the role to land it, a necessity that can only be obtained through bettering your education.

Step 1 – Learning What the Job Entails

As an IT project manager you will be the team leader in specific IT projects run by your employer. This means you are the coordinator and the person who designates tasks. You will be the quality control expert and the one who drives presentations. You may well be responsible for the running of the IT project and its rollout on the day to day.

Step 2 – What Qualifications Do I Need?

If you want to become an IT project manager here in the UK, you will have to have a degree or higher in Information Technology or its equivalent. This might mean a BA in Communications, in computing, or in technology itself. Any contributing skills you have will also help you land a role. While studying, look out for niche studies that can benefit your CV. For example, if you can uses specific programs such as Adobe, Xero, or WordPress, you will have a higher chance of success in your applications than those with the straight degree.

As we mentioned above, employers prefer you to have work experience as an IT technician before you apply for roles in management.

Step 3 – Where Do I Find a Job as an IT Project Manager?

There are lots of different ways to find a job as an IT Project Manager. We like the IT project manager jobs offered by Hays because you can upload your CV and wait for potential employers to call you instead of the other way around. You might also find work with your existing company if you are an IT technician, or by advertising your skills on LinkedIn.

Information Technology is Here to Stay

If the pandemic has proven anything to us, it’s that the working world revolves around our ability to use information technology correctly. If you can train as an IT project manager in the current climate, you are likely to have a job for life.

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