WoW Classic Era Boost

WoW Classic Era Boost

In addition to nostalgia for the wonderful days of a carefree childhood and endless adventures, WoW Classic is considered an exciting but rather complicated computer game. 

Long leveling, exhausting raids, constant lack of gold, collection of rare items — these are mandatory actions without which the gaming process becomes boring. But why list all sorts of challenges if there is an excellent solution — boosting bundles.

What Is WoW Classic Era Boost and Why Opt for It?

The new version of the legendary game recreates the specific aura without altering anything or changing the original appearance. But character progress is a long and laborious process. That is why if you have no free time but want to become the winner to the rescue comes WoW Classic Era Boost.

Best Bundles to Buy: Short Descriptions, Rewards, Upgrades

On the Internet, there is a wide range of variants to improve your position in WoW Classic. For example, Cake Boost offers:

  • character leveling which will upgrade your hero’s skills and level-up characters;
  • profession leveling-up. The increase in experience is very long due to the small number of items and great competition, but farming allows to use unique resources;
  • it is worth mentioning that mount-driven boost will grant you pets with 60% or 100% increased speed;
  • gold bundle packs which are essential at any stage for various raids and challenging fights;
  • honor farming with the help of which you will buy the best PvP equipment or achieve prestigious titles. Or even compete in the number of honorable kills received on the Battlefields. 

Special Offer for WoW Classic Era Fans

Cakeboost offers both standard and unique boosts at the best prices. In addition, you are always able to use the “SWEETCAKE” promo code for a discount. Or use special offers – for example, obtaining the Premium Package for just $756 instead of $945 or saving 10% on the Honor Farm Package by paying $1,558.48 instead of $1,771. 

If you are in doubt about what to buy, experts will always tell you which package or individual boost is suitable for your goal. And hot offers will not leave even the most inveterate gamer who prefers to earn a reputation indifferent. This is the way to pump the hero on your own.

These bundle-driven offers in finding gold/experience/equipment or reaching the desired level help gamers who have no desire to start all over again. Boosting is saving time, energy, and nerves. Become the best with minimal effort.

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