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[ Fixed ] Youtube Comment Failed to Post | 2021 [ Problem Solved ]


Undoubtedly Youtube is one of the most used search engine platforms for videos. We everyone has definitely used Youtube for at least once in our life. However, being one of the most popular search engines. Youtube isn’t bug-free. Yeah, Youtube is constantly changing its algorithms and core updates, but bugs happen.

In this blog, We are gonna help you solve the Comment Failed to Post Error on Youtube. Please Catch up with us till the end of this guide to solve the problem properly.

The comment error mostly happens while posting comments on youtube videos. Meanwhile, Some users have reported that they can easily comment in the live stream but not in Youtube normal videos. These problems mostly happen due to browser issues, account issues, location / VPN issues, Adblocking, or cross-site scripting blocking due to extensions.

While in some exceptional cases, this problem has been faced in some specific channels. The user could post comments on other channels, but the problem came in a specific channel. The youtube has furnished and sharped their spam protection security. Your comment posting may have come due to spam blocking of youtube. It will happen if u post spammy links in comments, Post the Same Comment in Multiple Videos, etc.

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We will be trying to face this problem through different methods. If any method doesn’t work for you, then don’t worry. We will showcase a few more solutions to solve the problem of every user viewing this blog.

Causes of Youtube Comment Failed to Post

Let’s sum up some of the main reasons that made this error or bug happen. Here, they are :

  • Network / Vpn or Location Issue
  • Outdated Browser
  • Youtube Accounts’ Problem
  • Spam Blocking by Youtube

Solve Comment Failed to Post Error 

As previously, we will provide different methods to solve the problem. Follow the solution one by one, and by the end of this article, your error will be fixed.

Note: This article is for chrome users. If you are using other browsers on your personal computer, the steps are similar. Just follow it.

Solution 1: Reload the page.

If you are getting the ‘comment post failed error,’ then it might be due to your connection and network issue. For that, Reloading the respective page will be a good move. Even if the issue is cache or cookies related, almost time, the cache and cookies problems can be fixed by reloading the respective webpage in which the problem has arisen. Try by Reloading the respective youtube page. If it doesn’t work for you, then don’t worry. We have more ways to fix this problem.

You can reload the following page by clicking the reload button on the respective browser’s top left side. Alternatively, reloading can be done by clicking the F5 button or CTRL + R if the F5 button is absent in your pc hardware.

Please refresh the page a few more times to see the action.

Comment Failed to Post
Comment Failed to Post

Solution 2 : Restart the Browser

Browsers are specially designed programs for browsing webpages and websites across the internet. It takes the load of your daily browsing. The browser may sometimes fail to handle all the information and load it is receiving. So It’s a smart move to restart your browser if you are facing some uncommon issues. Restarting the browser helps the browser to start over while lightens the load browser is handling.

Solution 3: Update your Browser

Make sure You are always using the latest version of the respective browser. The old and outdated browser has some patches and bugs that are yet to fix, sometimes causes weird errors to the users. Outdated browsers worsen the browsing experience. So It’s a nice habit to update to the latest version of the browser.

Comment Failed to Post
Comment Failed to Post

To update the browser, head over to the Settings page from the menu bar. After that, select the About Chrome option on the settings page.

Solution 4 : Disable or Remove Extensions

You might be facing this error because of the blocking of cross-site scripting or javascript due to installed extensions. Removing the extension might fix the issue you are facing.

To properly remove the extensions follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the settings page in your respective browser and Head over to the Extensions option from the settings page’s left side.
  2. Once you come across the extensions page, disable all the installed extensions.
  3. Restart the browser once and try posting the comment again. If disabling the extensions also didn’t work for your issue, then the cache is the culprit.

Solution 5: Remove browsing data and cache.

Let’s head over to the steps to properly remove browsing data and culprit cookies or browsers from the pc.

  1. Click on the browser’s menu. ( click on three dots on the top right corner of the browser )
  2. Head over to the settings page from there or chrome://settings
  3. Click on Privacy and security from the left side of the respective browsers’ Settings Page.
  4. In the Privacy and Security tab. Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Select the options properly, as mentioned in the picture below.
  6. Now, Click on ‘Clear Browsing Data.’ Then Done 🙂
Comment Failed to Post
Comment Failed to Post

Solution 6: Turn Off Vpn / Firewall Settings

VPNs are the special software made to route your browsing experience through different servers throughout the world. VPNs help to hide your real location and IP address while browsing the internet. But with pros of VPNs. VPNs sometimes screw the experience of certain webpages.

Suppose you are still facing the comment failing issue after following all the above-mentioned steps. Then VPN is also the thing not to ignore.

Please make sure no Vpn or firewall setting is running at that moment on your personal computer.

Solution 7: Change the browser

Suppose none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you. Then You might consider trying on a different browser on a different network. If you are using Chrome and getting the issue then try switching to firefox or opera and check if the problem is there too or not. Sometimes the default AdBlock of some browsers may cause these issues too. So try once by switching to a whole new browser.

Hope this post was helpful to successfully overcome your comment failing issue. If the problem still persists after trying all the mentioned methods. Then head over to the comment section. Experts from our blog will reach to you.

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