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YouTube Hacks – Instant Ranking of YouTube video 2019 Method


The trick or youtube hack for instant ranking of a youtube video is through YouTube Premieres. First, for those who never heard of it, YouTube recently added a new way to share and watch videos: YouTube Premieres.
Premieres are a mix between a live stream and a traditional YouTube video. You prerecord them, but then play those recordings live (with live chat and donations like standard live streams)

Premiering your video allows you to schedule a video upload and to create buzz around the video with a shareable watch page.

Note: Premiering a video can only be done on a desktop. However, viewers can watch the premiere on any platform (Desktop, iOS, Android, mWeb, etc.)

OK since we know that Live Stream broadcasts usually get to rank instantly and easily, the Premieres are much the same, as YouTube treat the event as a fresh “News” or interesting content, it may outrank other videos but not permanently.

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For marketing on YouTube, like on scheduled live stream event, here you also schedule a Premiere that will start broadcast your video live, it’s easier since you don’t need to configure and streaming server and use powerful VPS to stream your offline video, you can just upload it as a Premiere.

Note that you will not be able to upload the same exact video as youtube will detect it as a duplicate content same as they do on regular video upload (but you can bypass that with spinning the video)
that way you can “Premiere” several videos, and re-do it when some will lose ranking.

Boosting the ranking with bought viewers

I trust that you know how to optimize the title, tags, description same rules that work on regular videos goes here, I suggest to try it only with long tail keywords that have some fair monthly search volume and go up step by step.

I saw videos that got ranked just after the upload even before viewers sent to wait or watch the Premiere.

You can find  on the BHW Marketplace 2 types of boosting for Premiere videos:

1. YouTube Pre-Premiere Waiting Viewers – 5000 viewers that will ‘sit and wait’ on the watch page and likes to the video, that will help with the ‘buzz’ and boosting, those waiting will turn into live viewers if the Premiere will start on that time-frame of the campaign.

2. YouTube Live Stream Viewers – 5000 Viewers that will watch the live Premiere add likes and help to boost it.

Your feedback is needed
I will try to share here some real-time samples of instant ranking, but some feedback is needed, as you may know, that not every channel will rank the same as other, so if this work for you (or not) let us know (no need to reveal your niche) in general, like channel with 1M views from 2015 managed to rank 30k monthly search volume )

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