Best 3 Payroll Software Programs Companies Are Using in 2021

It will be an understatement if we say that the use of payroll software programs has made things easier for companies. The very complicated and detailed task such as payroll management has been simpler. Instead of days of calculations, it now requires a few clicks, and the result is in front of them. All thanks to payroll management portals.

Having said that, the real problem arises when you have to select an online payroll software. Since there are plenty of them available online, it can be tough to choose the best out of the lot. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the top 3 payroll software programs companies are using in 2021.

Take a look at them:


A popular name in the industry, it is a full-service program that facilitates HR admins. Apart from payroll management, it offers numerous features as well. The prices are reasonable as well. And they have recently introduced new plans to cater to a wide range of users.

Some of the prominent features of this software include tax filing (local, state and federal), automatic form filling for new hiring, PTO tracking, access for employees etc. This software is useful for companies that hire employees on limited-term contracts.

There’s a drawback to this plan as well. It doesn’t include some key features that helped Gusto the reputation it enjoys. For example, there’s no accounting software integration, time-tracking integration, etc. Another downside to Gusto is that it offers support services only during weekdays, that too during the daytime.


Gaining popularity at a rapid pace, Netchex has emerged as one of the best payroll software solutions. The best part about this software is that it can meet the requirements of every type of organization, regardless of its nature, size and scale. It can be used as a large company and small company payroll software as well.

Netchex comes with numerous features. It can assist accountants and help with recruiting as well. Furthermore, with the use of this software, you can manage time and attendance issues and make management easier for your business.

Netchex uses the latest technology, which allows it to streamline the company’s various operations and processes. Another remarkable feature of this program is that a separate team of experts is dedicated to every client. This team is handed over the responsibility of learning everything about the client’s business.

The use of Netchex comes in different pricing plans. And there is a customized pricing facility as well. However, there’s a flipside to this as well. The price of each plan isn’t listed on the website. You will have to fill up a form available on their website, and their customer care representative will get in touch with you. This can prove to be an inconvenience for those who are looking for a quick peek at the price. But, there’s a silver lining to this as well. Once you are in talks with the representative, you can get other valuable information from them about the software.

As per their customizing pricing plan, you can add selective features to your portal and pay for them only.


Next in the list of the best payroll software 2021, OnPay is known for its tailored services. For example, the program works differently for restaurants than it does for non-profit making organizations. Another great feature of this software is that you will do nothing when it comes to setting it up. You will get the services of OnPay experts for this purpose. They will set up this payroll program for you without charging anything.

OnPay is available for a single pricing plan only, which makes it suitable for a particular size of business entities only. However, the fact that it is cloud-based software makes it up for this drawback to a certain extent.

The Verdict

After thoroughly comparing the pros and cons of each of these programs, it is safe to say that Netchex is the best choice. Gusto comes at a close second, but Netchex takes the deal because of its easy interface, exceptional features and customized pricing facility. 

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