How ITIL Approach Help Modern Service Management


Indeed, ITIL has always helped to succeed in the organizations at service management. Efficiency and effectiveness are organizational success through which an organization makes the delivery and services of the product to the market in a proper manner.

It delivers the product in a manner that:

  • It meets the expectations of the customers
  • Beats the offers of the competitor
  • The requirements should be legal and regulatory

Now, to move forward in this manner has become very necessary for the company. They should always keep moving forward with the ever-changing needs of the customers.

The major part of the ITIL Framework in today’s era of social media, the needs and options of the users are multiplying along with the changing of the system exponentially and uncontrollably. Now, to move forward along with the needs of the customer is not possible for all the companies and industries.

But for many organizations, it is very necessary to make a shift of digital transformation from product to a digital service company. The fourth revolution to turn the business and digital transformation of the world by avoiding the interactions between humans and digital technologies.

If you now see about the basics of ITIL 4 and what is ITIL process, it has a major role to play in the changing of the service management. Before we go through its roles, let’s have brief information about ITIL.

About ITIL Foundation Course

Generally, a world-leading and a globally recognized framework is ITIL. It has become a huge framework for ITSM- IT Service Management. It allows the overall service management to deliver the value of the business.

If we compare the late ITIL, it was only used to deliver the solutions to the technology. But, if we compare today’s ITIL, it helps to deliver the value of the business.

For establishing the ITIL service management system, ITIL has always helped in providing comprehensive, practical, and proven guidance. It has also encouraged the consistency and continual improvement in business use and delivery of IT-enabled services.

ITIL has employed many of the employees and has been adopted with millions of ITIL certified practitioners worldwide by many of the organizations.

Service Value System-The ITIL V4

For the creation, delivery, and continual improvement of the services, a flexible operating model is provided by the ITIL service value system. This would be only possible if the organization is having the core components of ITIL. Generally, the core components of ITIL are:

  1. ITIL service value chain
  2. ITIL practices
  3. ITIL guiding principles
  4. Governance
  5. Continual improvement

All the above 5 core points are the one which can be used between the opportunity or demand and value. All of it has its importance to use in the service value system for increasing the business value.

Four Dimensions of ITIL Process

Through a holistic and effective approach, the four dimensions of ITIL describes the balanced focus towards the ITIL. The four main dimensions includes:

  1. People and Organization
  2. Information and Technology
  3. Partners and Suppliers
  4. Processes and stream values

From the previous iterations, the above components are said to be the significant evolution of ITIL. It is from the specific focus that delivers the value of a broader perspective by the product and services delivered to the customers.

Apart from ITIL, ITIL 4 has been designed to improve the seamless transition from an organization investment in ITIL. It also improves the current way of working to a faster and flexible manner and a more agile approach.

Organizations and uses of ITIL Certification?

To improve the values of the services, all the small, medium, and large organizations make the use of ITIL correctly and properly all over the world. In all industries and business sectors, ITIL has always helped the organizations to:

  • Solve business issues
  • Improves IT capacities
  • Implementations of new capabilities directly providing business value

The examples of some well-known organizations that use and implement ITIL are:

  • Disney
  • The IRS
  • Spotify
  • Newcastle University
  • Cincinnati Children Hospital

ITIL has majorly contributed its role towards these organizations and has helped them to grow along with their business value.


What are the Benefits and Advantages of ITIL 4 to the organizations?

The benefits and advantages adopted by the organization from ITIL 4 in a common way include:

  • To support digital transformation, ITIL has made more fast and flexible service delivery practices.
  • IT and the business have got better strategic alignments.
  • Between software delivery practices and enterprise customer support framework, ITIL smoother integration has occurred.
  • Helped in improving service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • The cost has been reduced through improved use of resources.
  • Has greater visibility of IT cost and assets.
  • Better management for the risk of the business, service disruption, or failure.


Enhancement of ITIL 3 to ITIL 4 Framework

Generally, ITIL is not the only framework if we see the overall business activity that can be effective in many ways. Apart from ITIL, there are so many other frameworks that also helps the organizations to fulfill the needs of the customers by playing different roles.

But no such organization can provide the business value better than ITIL itself. It is the most widely used and understood framework all over the world. ITIL has been very effective as it always comes up with something different to mix with the organization.

How to Get Started With Modern Service Management

If you want to have better business value delivery, then ITIL is exactly what you are looking for. If you are already familiar with ITIL, then ITIL 4 would be easy for you to understand. ITIL and its service management cannot be the case if you get suitable with the ITIL 4 and its predecessors.

  • However, ITIL and its service management worked for all the organizations but, ITIL 4 would be more advanced in the filed as it is an upgraded version of ITIL.
  • Seek the advice of a professional consultant, if you want to adopt the practices of ITIL.
  • ITIL pros always help you to get better with your organizations by learning from the simple mistakes of others.
  • If an individual wants to get excel in ITIL, they can pursue for few ITIL certification levels.

These were the techniques to get started with ITIL for the betterment of your organization and to get the proper delivery of business value.

Hence, this was the article related to the modern approaches of ITIL in service management. I hope this article was useful to you and helped you out of the dilemma of pursuing a better course for a service management organization.









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