[6 EASY Fix] Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception$annotatedconnectexception$annotatedconnectexception

How to Fix Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception i?$annotatedconnectexception$annotatedconnectexception

Coming across error codes is one of the most frustrating things that we face as computer users. Often, we don’t know what those error codes mean. “minecraft$annotatedconnectexception” is one of such common error codes often faced by Minecraft players when they try to play the game. It is always frustrating when someone tries to play their favorite game but can’t due to these annoying errors. So, we are here to help you fix this issue in Minecraft so that you can play it without any restrictions.

So what exactly is this error that troubles thousands of Minecraft players?

It is one of the most common errors that Minecraft throws at you in case of a connection problem. It usually means you are having trouble connecting to the server due to some problems on your end or the server’s end. So, the first step is to find out the cause of this error. You can do the carry the following diagnostic steps to diagnose the problem:

  1. Check if your internet connection is working properly. To do so, go to your web browser and try to access any website. If you can access websites, your internet connection is working fine. If you cannot access the websites, check your internet connection and try opening the Minecraft game again. Internet connection issues are usually caused by missing drivers in your laptop and a bad connection or lose connection of wires in your network. So make sure you have the latest drivers for your Ethernet or Wi-Fi and also check that all the wires are connected properly. Sometimes, a slow internet connection might also be the cause of the error. So, it is a good idea to check your internet speeds from websites like or Ookla Speedtest. If you find that you have a slow internet connection, try contacting your ISP and report your problem.
  2. Once you are sure that your internet is working fine and the error still persists, check if the server is faulty. To check that, try connecting to any server other than the one showing the error. If you can connect to other servers, it is very likely that the server you are trying to connect to has some issues. In that case, contact the server’s owners and report that the server has some issues. In this case, the only thing you can do is wait until the owners fix the server issues. Till then you can play Minecraft on other servers.
  3. If you cannot connect to other servers too, there might be a problem at your end, and you will have to try to diagnose what exactly is causing the problem. The error is usually caused by a bad internet connection, some corrupted or unstable Minecraft sessions and files, and the windows firewall. The solutions to all of the listed probable causes are given below.

How to solve Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception error?

If you are sure that there is no fault in the servers and something is wrong at your end, you can start with some quick fixes. Be sure to follow these steps even if they look cliche. If you have already done these steps and your problem still persists, you can skip this part and directly continue to the Firewall fix.

  1. Restarting the game: Sometimes, you might get the error due to some problem in the game launcher or game client. Close your game launcher and open it again. After restarting the game, try to connect to the same server and check if you can connect. If you can connect to the server, you are good to go but if restarting the game does not fix the issue, you will have to move to other steps.
  2. Restarting your computer: Restarting your computer is the ultimate solution to all of your computer issues. Jokes apart, restarting your computer sometimes really fixes the problem. It clears your RAM, which might have some corrupted or unstable threads of Minecraft, which might be causing the problem. Restarting your computer also might kill some third-party process that might be causing the problems. If it fixes your problem, you can enjoy Minecraft on your favorite server. If this does not solve the problem, follow the other steps listed below.
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  3. Restarting your router: You can turn off your router, wait 10-15 seconds and turn it on again. This might sometimes fix your connection issues, which might fix the problem in Minecraft. Be sure to wait for 10-15 seconds before powering up your router again. It gives enough time for the capacitor to drain out, and the router completely restarts. If you switch on the router immediately after turning it off, the router might not truly restart, in which case the problem will not be solved if it is due to some issues in the router. If the problem is not solved by properly restarting your router, then you need to resort to more complex fixes.

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These quick fixes are precautionary steps that you need to take to make sure you won’t have to spend your time trying other complex fixes. If these quick fixes do not fix the problem, one of the possibilities is that your firewall might be blocking the server, and the error might be due to your firewall permissions. So you will have to tweak your firewall settings to allow Minecraft launcher through the firewall to fix the error, for which you can follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the Windows button on the taskbar or press the windows key and open the firewall settings by typing “Firewall & Network protection” and clicking the first result in your windows search bar.$annotatedconnectexception$annotatedconnectexception

  2. Click on the “Allow an app through firewall” as shown in the screenshot below.$annotatedconnectexception$annotatedconnectexception

  3. Click on “Change Settings” and allow the administrator permission if it asks for administrator permissions.$annotatedconnectexception$annotatedconnectexception

  4. Click on “Allow another app” click on “Browse.”
  5. Navigate to the Minecraft installation folder and select the Minecraft Launcher executable file.  The launcher file is usually in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft Launcher.” Click on “Open” and after opening allow Minecraft launcher through the firewall in both Private and Public Networks.$annotatedconnectexception$annotatedconnectexception

  6. This should solve the problem in most of cases but if your problem persists, you can follow the same steps from 4 and 5 and add JAVA to the allowed list of programs from the windows firewall. Sometimes, JAVA is blocked by the windows firewall which causes issues in connection and hence you get the error. Doing all this will most probably solve the problem.

What to do if the problem persists?

Here are some extra fixes if the problem persists:

  1. Update JAVA version:
    Minecraft needs you to be running on the latest version of JAVA for a seamless experience. If you are running an older version of JAVA, you will get many errors and face many problems. Updating JAVA solves many problems of Minecraft. So it is a good idea to update your JAVA to the latest version. Moreover, updating JAVA provides you with the best experience in Minecraft. So you should routinely update JAVA even if you are not facing any problems to make sure that you don’t miss the best Minecraft experience.
  2. Use a VPN or Proxy service:
    Your ISP might have blocked access to Minecraft servers due to some reason. Depending on the place you live, this might be the reason why you cannot access the Minecraft server. You can use a VPN service to fix this problem. Use a trusted VPN service to change your IP and gain unblocked access to Minecraft. Alternatively, if you have access to proxy service, you can also use proxy IP to access the servers. When choosing a VPN or Proxy service be sure to choose a trusted and secure service. It is suggested that you go for a premium VPN subscription instead of free VPNs as they are less secure and less effective.
  3. Reinstall Minecraft:
    As the final resort, you can try reinstalling the game if none of the steps above worked for you. Usually, you won’t have to do this if you have followed all the steps correctly. Reinstalling the game removes all the corrupted or unstable old files that might be causing the problem and might fix the problem. Be sure that you clean all the residual files while uninstalling your current copy of Minecraft. Sometimes, the residual corrupted files might cause problems even if you reinstall the game.

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If you follow all the steps correctly, you should have fixed your problem. If you solved the problem, comment down the “fix” that solved your problem. If you couldn’t solve the problem, comment down, we will respond as soon as possible to help you with the situation. However, if it is someone else’s server you are trying to connect to, try contacting the server owners if it is working fine. Make sure the server is working because, in most cases, people confuse server issues with their own and spend hours trying to fix them. So, save your time and check the server status once.