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How to get free items in AliExpress – 2020 HQ Method

How to get free items in AliExpressHow to get free items in AliExpress

How to get free items in AliExpress- This method can be applied in many different ways, for different products (not just for clothing, but this is what I will be using to teach in this post).

This article will also open your mind up to how easy it is to Social Engineer lot of things just by knowing the basics, allowing you think of your own creative ways for different sites, different sellers and different products.

What this post won’t do?

This post will not do it all for you. Id does not guarantee that this method will work 100% of the time, different people will have different outcomes, we are all unique work in our own way, finding own way and become king of it.

What am I liable for?

Nothing, I do not owe you anything and I cannot be held accountable for any actions you have taken against another person.

How to get free items in AliExpress:

Finding your target:

If you have not already, please go and sign up to AliExpress.

We will be using this website to pick and pray on the people who do not understand English well enough, who want to earn quick and easy money for a lot more than their product is worth.

Once you have successfully signed up, you need to find the items you want. When you’re picking your item, you want to choose, the seller with the second lowest price.

For example, we want to get a pair of ‘Men’s Palladium Boots.’

One seller, has their price at $60, another at $63.3, another at $32.12 and the final seller has theirs listed at $44.30.

We want to pick the seller who has it listed at $44.30; This makes it easier to appeal to their side of wanting to make quick and easy money.

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Picking the right seller:

I’m going to lie, a lot of sellers on here are mainly Asian and don’t have a big understanding of English, this being said they still have an idea on how business works. You want to pick sellers with lower reputation. Sellers with a low reputation and low sales obviously don’t sell their products often. They want more money, more sales.

Please understand, that when the price of an item is really high, and the item has some worth, this is when people start to become more protective and have their eyes open for people that try to scam them.

Appealing to emotions and understanding how to manipulate what people want:

Appealing to someone’s common emotions plays a huge role in Social Engineering, and is generally speaking the most effective way to go about getting what you want.

For example, you really need some money for a new game that’s coming out, but you wouldn’t mind making a little extra than what you need. You either choose something of yours to sell for a little more than what it’s worth, or you make something and sell it the same way.

You’re looking at making $110,$60 for that brand speaking new game and $50 for your self on this side. You advertise what you’re selling everywhere, in the hopes to get that sweet money rolling in quick enough, you’re human, and all human are greedy.

It’s been a couple of days and you’re feeling really edgy for that money, all of a sudden a buyer comes out of the blue messaging you, saying he’ll buy it he seems really interested and starts going into details with you asking questions about the item. Your eyebrows and ears twitch upwards, a buyer! You’ve done it; you sold what you need to, at least you think you have.

This is where mistake happen, you’re excited and jumping around you believe you’ve just closed the biggest deal you’ve done in ages, you honestly think you’ve ripped someone off that extra $50 and you’re laughing to the bank. Now usually for the smarter people like us, that is indeed the case.

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For people that don’t understand English well enough, when they’re at this point and they’re excited, that’s our time to strike, we agree to everything but we use little technique like using our shipping address to change the address to a new place to ship to, forcing the seller out of seller protection and inevitably we have the item and refund our money back (pretty scum way to do it, but people do it).

Please note, these are just examples on how people make mistakes when their interest peaks and they’re excited for cash flow. We do not use this method in this article. I do not condone this method.

How to get free items in AliExpress
How to get free items in AliExpress

Remember all the lessons you had in school yo write letters back in the day that you always though would never pay off? Well guess what, they did.

Now the waiting hame comes back, usually they will respond if they are interested with a yes or no, letting you know if they can do a sample or not.

Some sellers will offer a ‘V.I.P Price’ below is how I deal with them.

How to get free items in AliExpress
How to get free items in AliExpress

If the price is pretty decent and marked down to over 50% you can either agree, or use something like this:

How to get free items in AliExpress
How to get free items in AliExpress

If they do not move the price down to what you believe is acceptable price or even free and start to question your identity and whom you are do not freak out.

It’s okay. The easiest way to get out of the situation is exactly like this.

How to get free items in AliExpress
How to get free items in AliExpress

Ending a deal is great way to appeal to someone’s curiosity because who knows that they’re really missing out on, big deals like this only come once in a life time.

If they do not budge at this point move onto the next seller and ignore them unless their curiosity gets the best of then and they send you the sample.

To speed up the process use common knowledge and send the message to more than one seller at a time so you’re juggling between people.

I can’t stress this enough, proof read you messages before you send them, hold professionalism and use correct formatting. This will drastically increase your chance of success.

Cashing in:

You can either use the items you want for personal use, or you can resell them on Gumtree, Craigslist, Ebay you name it, what ever you want to do. It’s yours now. you do not need a drop address.

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