How to Get Virtual Credit Card ( VCC ) For free 2019


    Virtual credit card or Virtual online card is an auto-generated card created to serve for the purpose of making payments online. They are used to pay for services/transactions done in the internet and in most cases are not physically issued by a financial organization. While it is not as anonymous as paying via Bitcoin, it is far more convenient.

    Virtual cards are not handy, it doesn’t involve a physical plastic card, It is created with an e-number via web and it looks/acts so much like your normal cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc).

    The introduction of virtual credit cards has helped reduce the rate of internet scam. Since they are not physical cards, it is definitely impossible to hack/clone them thereby making online transactions safe and secured.

    With a virtual credit card, your personal information/details will not be visible to anyone while performing an online transaction. I’ve have used different virtual cards in different transactions I did recently and it worked perfectly. So, i decided to write an article about them.

    Benefits of Virtual Credit Cards

    1. They are valid over a specific time frame set by the card user.
    2. Saves the users from turnover charges
    3. Secures your private information.
    4. Virtual cards give you control over your spending: you choose the number of times the card is to be used, whether it should be used for a one-time payment or used multiple times.
    5. It is accepted by over 90% of internet users globally.

    Now, we’ve known what virtual credit cards are and their benefits, let’s see where and how to get them and how to start transacting with them.

    Get FREE Virtual Credit Card : .

    1. Go to TextNow and SignUp to get your FREE US Number: 

    2. Now go to Yandex and create an account:

    3. Then go to Yandex Money and login with your yandex mail details:

    4. And Finally go here and get your Credit Card for FREE!

    We haven’t post full step by step post as you can understand how to make account i.e fill the details like first name, last name, etc.We wanted to post full details but because of lack of time we can’t post that. Hope you will understand.

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    1. Can we use this card for fb post boost.
      And i got the number in text+ but didn’t get the verification code in that text+ number.
      Can we transfer the money to this card from usa bank.

    2. why do I need it or how to use it?
      Its shows me :You won’t be able to transfer or spend money outside Russia

      so, if I am in USA, what can I do with it?

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