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How To Install Projector Screen?

Projector Screen

If you have bought a projector screen for your home to enjoy the movies and your favorite shows on the big screen and looking for a way to install it, then you have reached the right place. Mounting a projector screen or portable led projector will give you a feel of theatre at home. The best part is, it doesn’t need extra space in your home as it is mounted on the wall or ceiling. Before installing the projector screen, make sure you take measurements of the screen and the vertical offset of the projector. Here, you will learn how to install a projector screen and enjoy your favorite movie on it!

Read the below guide step by step to mount the projector on the ceiling/wall.

  1. Decide the location

Decide the location for your projector screen wisely. It should be opposite to your existing furniture like sofa set or chairs. Choose a plane wall for your projector screen. It is not recommended to install it over a window as direct light passes through the window and it may damage your device.

  1. Decide where to mount

Now, you need to decide where you will mount the screen. Make sure there is no obstruction on the wall where you will place the screen. A wall-mounted projector pulls down and then retracts rapidly against the wall. It would be better to keep 1.1/2” of distance while placing the projector screen.

  1. Create layout

When you will install the projector screen it will require you to make some holes in the wall. What you can do is to build a layout using cardboard. It will help you in deciding the place for screws in an evenly manner.

  1. Gear up for predrilling the holes

Now, you need to predrill the holes to make the installation of the projector screen easier. It will be easier to decide whether you are going to hit a stud in the ceiling. Punching studs is easier and best when you are installing something heavy. One can also use anchor bolts instead of stud, or if the ceiling support is accessible in the loft, you can also build a cross-brace by joining a 2×4 cardboard perpendicularly amidst the joists, right where you drilled the holes before. Once this is done, and your 2×4 board is already installed, it will act like a joist and will become a support for your screen.

  1. Install the screen

You will be required for another person to finally install the heavy screen. Place 2 stools on the floor, one on the left side, and another on the right side of the screen. Hold and lift the projector screen towards the ceiling. Be ready with a drill machine and screws to attach both ends of the projector. Tighten up the screws from both sides and make sure you don’t over tighten them.

  1. Complete the task

Tie up the string or rope that is given with the projector to handle the screen opening. Now, enjoy your projector screen in the dark!

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