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Instagram: How To Identify Hashtags To Get More Likes And Followers

Hashtags To Get More LikesHashtags To Get More Likes
Hashtags To Get More Likes
Hashtags To Get More Likes

Hashtags are a dynamic way to see how the market is doing, understand consumer tastes and define which audiences you want to reach. A recent post on Vivo’s blog presented some interesting tips that can help those looking for likes, scope and more followers. The full post is here: champmarketer. And we separated the tips in a more summarized form below:

Understanding what hashtags are: tags that accompany the photos to identify the theme or to attract the attention of other users of the same community. If I seek to care for pregnant women: # stylish pregnancies can be a good one.

Follow hashtags: You can follow hashtags and thus know how you are participating in a certain topic. Following #fotografiadecasamento can get you inside what other colleagues are doing. Following #wedding (which is much more comprehensive) will inform you about a little bit of everything that is posted by people at parties, suppliers and others.

How to know which subjects are most commented? Looking at the search part or using some tools available on the market. Some sites like Keyhole, Websta and TopHashtags, among others, produce updated rankings of hashtags. Among apps with the same service, you can choose between Tag It, Magnify or Tags for Likes. Although the fun and most functional is to do mapping and identify which hashtags that best fit your market. Another way to find out is to look at what partners and who is a reference have been doing. But again, what works for others may not work for you. Remember that these suggestions only work for those who have Instagram open. If your account is private, the use of hashtags does not make sense as it does not appear to anyone (apart from your followers who see your posts).

Location: Indicating a geotagged location is also a good idea. Why? You can choose a neighbourhood, a city, a specific location. The advantage is that if someone does a search by the location they will see your post. It also helps to gain followers and generate likes and recognition.

Stories also have a hashtag. And you can use this channel (which today is the one that gives more visibility on Instagram) to be featured. And you can also hide the hashtag at the bottom of the post if you don’t want it to be identified or to make the image cleaner.

The Administrators site also published a post talking about other interesting points about marketing with #hashtag. Are they:

1 – The creation of a photographic project, a specific action or a community based on a specific hashtag

2 – Help increase the organic reach with the right theme

3 – Stimulate or encourage a cause by creating a specific hashtag. Example: #casededia

4 – But always look to see how that hashtag is doing and make sure it is original or if it has been used in any way.

Vivo’s blog post also has a list of hashtags that are booming all over the world.

Top 20 most used hashtags:

  1. #love – celebrate love!
  2. #instagood – use this for the good things in life.
  3. #photooftheday – The “photo of the day” deserves this tag.
  4. #fashion – everything about fashion fits here!
  5. #beautiful – beauty, of people or places, is in that tag.
  6. #happy – distribute happiness!
  7. #cute – cute pictures, here’s the perfect tag!
  8. #tbt – homesick photos go with the tbt tag.
  9. # like4like – using this tag, you guarantee that the likes arrive.
  10. #followme – tag indicating that you want to be followed.
  11. #picoftheday – another tag for the “photo of the day”.
  12. #follow – another tag for requests for new followers.
  13. #me – everything about you!
  14. #selfie – open the front camera and say “x”!
  15. #summer – to enjoy the summer.
  16. #art – publications involving art use this hashtag.
  17. #instadaily – Publications about everyday life.
  18. #friends – who doesn’t love photo with friends?
  19. #repost – use this hashtag when republishing other people’s content.
  20. #nature – photos of nature and its plants!

In time: the hashtag is a creation of Twitter and has revolutionized social networks. Today it has become an important digital marketing tool. Because it is a form of marking directly related to your area of ​​expertise and the like. Make good use of it and make good use of it.

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