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Origin Games for Free (100% Free 2021)

Origin Games for Free

Origin Games for Free – Before this you will need an Origin account; you’ll also have to know the security question of the account, amazon fake receipt generator, and some common knowledge. ou can download the best games and mods for android from

Note: I do not condone any activities in this guide and it is for educational purposes only. I am not responsible for how you use this in any way.

1. You must first login to your origin account.

Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

2. Now to reach the Customer Experience team, simply click
on Contact Us on the bottom right-hand side of an article or product page.

Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

3. Click on New Conversation to start a new ticket.

You may not see this step if you are not logged in. However, in order to complete this step, you must Login to Origin.

Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

4. Note: Your product or topic may have automatically filled in to the form. If not, click on Select a Product first and type in the game of your choice in the search field (you may also scroll through the box art to select your product). Click Next.

Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

5. Then Select the Platform for your product and click Next.

• This is the console you want to play your game on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Origin, etc.

Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

6. A few more details will need to be filled in.

7. Choose the topic Billing / Purchasing in the section Select a
topic then type in “my <<YOUR GAME>> key could not be redeemed’ in the next text field and click Next.

Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

8. After selecting those details, you will be given an EA recommended contact option. Otherwise, you will see one or more of the available support options for your game:

  • Answer HQ – Clicking Ask Now to get community support about your product. Support is available 24 hours a day.
  • Call me now – Clicking Call me will allow a Best Rom Sites  to call you back.
  • Live Chat – Clicking Chat Now will begin a live session with a Game Advisor.
  • Email – Clicking Email Me will help you connect to our game advisor team for solutions on an issue.
Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

9. Choose the Live Chat option. -Now you are able to talk to them.

While you are chatting with them, they will always ask for specific information:
1. If I may ask, where did you purchase the game?
-YOU must say you got it from AMZAZON!!!!

2. For security purposes, can you please verify the answer to the secret question you set up with your Origin account “**********”?
– Just proceed to tell them the information they need

3. They will then ask you for the product code or what the issue may be. This is where method 1, 2, and 3 come into play.

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You can download the best games from the link.

1. While in live chat with an advisor, make a stand that you are in complete frustration. Type, and message them rapidly and tell them that you are simply annoyed/upset and you can’t play the game you just paid for.

2. Your story is that you just bought the game from Amazon, thinking it was a Retail Copy. The context should be of similarity to the following:

Your First Message:


“See, I bought the game from amazon thinking it was a retail copy. I’m just not a big fan of downloading games because my internet is really slow, but it looks like that’s my only choice now…”


Next message:


I bought it from amazon, and they had the check to say “one-day delivery” yet in the receipt they have postage and packing as N/A, which initially I didn’t think too much about. It was only in the receipt that I noticed the game had, after the title, “[Online game code.]”


Next message:


“Sorry for ranting on about it to you because I know it’s Amazon’s fault, however they referred me to seek your help because they don’t deal with the ownership of game keys, nor the way in which Origin keys are redeemed and so they are not able to send me a code. This is really frustrating; can you please help me out? I just want to play the game!” ———————————————————————————————-

Note: It’s always important to add your own twists or input on this!

3. The verification procedures towards validating your Amazon Order include you required to give them the payment details of the order. The advisor will then proceed to ask you to confirm the last 4 digits of the card you used to buy on Amazon, but this is where you tell them that you used an Amazon Gift Card instead. Now use Inspect Element to then make the necessary changes of the Receipt from Amazon, and be sure to use the correct VAT/TAX calculations, Etc.

4. They will finally ask you for your security answer if they haven’t already, and will ask you to link your card to your Origin account. Once you do that, depending on the advisor, they will give you a code without hesitation.


START WITH: “Hello, I bought a code a few days ago and I just tried to redeem it and it says the product code I entered is not valid.”

Now give them an invalid code! XCH3B-KJ4S2-89BKG-0KF1H for an example. This method doesn’t exactly always work; if it happens to not you may have better luck with method 3 or 4.


START WITH: “Hello, I bought a code a few days ago and I just tried to redeem it and it’s telling me that the product code I entered is already in use by someone else. What do I do?”

Give them a valid product code and say you didn’t redeem the code. They will ask you for all your E-Mails to ensure you didn’t redeem it on another account. Just tell them that you are sure you only have one Origin account.

Here are some codes that have already been redeemed, but you can use them for this method. (You may search the internet for more if you wish to, they are hard to find!)


Dead Space 3 Origin Key: HX7P-MGMU-TSHD-28LN-VRYR

Burnout Paradise: F9C4-EAX7-TPEJ-4R6N-H6DA

Crysis 3 Digital deluxe: 8PNNNW4B7N4BEDNKD6DZ

Crysis 3 Hunter Edition: CZ4CMMR56T66YSSDDY4G

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key: ERJ2-JQML-PT79-2N6P-TXNV

Battlefield 4 Premium: VBH3B-KJAS2-394KG-0JF1H

Battlefield 4 Game key: UYI5Y-HJU2B-56B89-8IUM9

Battlefield 3: 9KUUMJLT95AHD7LEBGQ6

Battlefield bad Company 2: A68GYCQR9GRE7X83MFYD

Battlefield premium and digital deluxe edition: BQPFQD9J654KX8A233VU

If They Tell You to Work it out With Amazon:


1. Get mad and say ‘Amazon’ told me to come here, like this “I was chatting with the support staff from amazon and they said that it has to do with the origin database and how it redeems codes… I am really stumped on this, I have never had to contact support on anything!”
2. Try a different advisor (this actually matters) some are more lenient than others! Their support staff is outsourced in India; it is sometimes likely you’ll have someone that hardly knows English.
3. Go with method 1 in the eBook, where you will make your own generated key. This may bypass this problem.

For Both Methods to Work Effectively:

Act frustrated and say that you just want to play the game that you have bought and you simply just want to enjoy it. EA will then almost always want to see a screenshot of the amazon receipt. This is okay because there’s a solution to that!

Make your own receipt with the information that you feel is suitable and send it to the advisor you are chatting with. They will then go through a sequence of steps to verify the receipt, but if your receipt appears to be authentic, they will then add the game to your account.

Creating a valid Amazon Receipt:

(You will need the browser chrome to do this.)

-Find a free pc game like here: Download/dp/B00EZWWV2O/ref=pd_sim_vg_1?ie=UTF8&refRI D=1D12BNXXS54SDHZ409Q2

►Or◄ Download/dp/B00FK8F5BG/ref=pd_sim_vg_6?ie=UTF8&refRID =080N3X8RS60VKCP1QXG1
-Make sure you sign in with your amazon account.

-Then purchase the game (it’s free of charge so there is nothing to worry about)

-After you purchase it go to “Order Summary”.

-Now on Google Chrome *right click* the page and click *Inspect element*.

Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

All the white arrows and blank boxes are where you you’ll make your changes or modifications. The URL’s Order number must match up with the order number you change on the page. You must also change the Payment method to “Amazon Gift Card.”

You can change the picture by going to the origin game you want on amazon and drag it into your URL bar to bring up the picture. From there you can upload it to an image hosting site like then change the image’s hosting site in inspect element to your game’s image link.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are taking a full screenshot of the page to send to the advisor. Always make sure you have placed the live chat window within the screenshot. This will generate a more valid looking Amazon receipt.

An Example of what a receipt should look like:

(Without the Live chat box and Order Numbers in the Url or Page)

View post on

If they want the EMAIL that contains your order:

(ICloud emails do not work for this!)

You’ll simply retrieve the email that has been sent out to you after purchasing the free game.

  • –  Go into the email.
  • –  Click *Inspect element*
    – Make all the same modifications that you have made within your order summary.
  • Origin Games for Free
    Origin Games for Free

If they want a picture of your Amazon Game Library (Your Orders):

  • –  Go into: Your Account › Your Orders
  • –  Click *Inspect element*
  • –  Make all the same modifications that you have made within your order summary.
  • –  But this time for changing the picture you must have the width and height of the image you are emplacing to correspond with the one you are replacing. As seen here:
Origin Games for Free
Origin Games for Free

Picture is correctly matched with the width and height that is needed.


(Last Resort)

1) Go to
2) Search for “Titanfall Origin Game Key”
4) Buy it (with your own money because you’ll get it back soon)
5) Retrieve the origin game code
7) You can do whatever you choose to with the code: sell it, use it.
8) But for this you’ll open up a dispute.
9) Escalate the dispute to the highest level and say that you did not obtain any physical material but only a virtual item. You were expecting a physical copy.
10) Since eBay has a TOS that clearly says that virtual items are not allowed on the marketplace, they will almost always go with your side of the dispute.
Rinse and Repeat!

In no time you’ll be able to retrieve as many games as you’d like! This method will never become saturated as long as you follow the steps provided.

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Abhiyan Chhetri is a cybersecurity journalist with a passion for covering latest happenings in cyber security and tech world. In addition to being the founder of this website, Abhiyan is also into gaming, reading and investigative journalism.


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