The Best Techniques To Enhance Motion Graphics Videos In 2020

Enhance Motion Graphics

The Best Techniques To Enhance Motion Graphics Videos In 2020 – Videos are going to flood the internet in the next couple of years, being responsible for over 82% of consumer internet traffic. With the plethora of video editing tools available online, anyone who aspires to be a video editor can get hands-on experience and showcase their skills. People are always inventing and modifying new ways to improve video quality, and motion graphics is one such technique.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are animation sequences with text as a significant component, along with visuals and audio. Unlike regular animation, motion graphics are mostly sequences involving abstract shapes and figures instead of characters or people.

Enhance Motion Graphics
Enhance Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are typically used in commercials to promote branding, titles of TV shows or movies (like that of HBO’s True Detective or Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me if You Can), or in explainer videos (such as this one explaining blockchains). Motion graphics are powerful tools to capture the viewers’ attention and give them something memorable to watch. Here are seven tips you should use when you make a motion graphic sequence.

7 Tips To Make Killer Motion Graphics Videos In 2020

Making the best motion graphics sequences comes with practice and experimentation, but these tips will help you get started if you are beginning to learn.

1. Check Out Templates

Like most other video clips, you can start making a motion graphic sequence using a readymade template. Browse online for some template designs that fit your requirements in terms of color, visual appearance, and other aspects and build your content on top of it.

A template is the best tool to get started if you are clueless as to how to make a video from scratch. Since most of the foundation is available in a template, you can use your creativity to modify and enhance it further.

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2. Know The Goal

What is the content of the video? Who is the target audience, and how do you want them to feel after watching the video? Answering questions like these will help you plan the content of your video better.

Remember, although motion graphic is an enhancing technique for videos, you should use it such that it brings something unique to the video that other methods don’t. If it is a how-to tutorial video, use motion graphics if it makes the explanation more lucid. If it is a promo video, use this method to give the viewers a unique visual experience.

3. Add An Appropriate Audio Track

Sound plays a crucial role in any video, even if it just music playing in the background. If your video has voiceovers or dialogue, you can still include a soundtrack that accompanies the visuals. Playing a familiar or catchy tune is likely to make more viewers take notice.

There are many ways to add sound:

Include other sound effects wherever necessary: a passing car, canned laughter, or anything else that suits the content. You can use an audio editor to trim the length and add effects like fading or mixing the sounds before incorporating it into the video.

4. Motion Tracking

One of the neat things you can do in motion graphics is to use motion tracking in your video. Tracking means that you collect data about the movement of one object within the frame and use it on another new object that you want to insert into the scene. Using motion tracking, you can add elements like text blocks in your sequence and make them follow a particular path.

For example, if your scene shows a car zipping to the left, and you want the name of your brand to immediately follow the car and appear on the screen, motion tracking is what you need. If you’re going to introduce a 3D object in a 2D footage, motion tracking helps you out there as well.

5. Speed Of Animation

Running your video too quickly can confuse the audience while staying on the same scene for half a minute can bore them. The pace of the video needs to be just right so that the viewers are engaged continuously and follow the script.

Plan your sequence such that you time the animation effects to perfection. The length of the entire video is your major constraint, so you need to manage your story within that. If you want to make a commercial, make a video that lasts 2-3 minutes; if you’re going to put it up as an Instagram story, keep it to 30-60 seconds.

6. Transitions Are Key

The segues between scenes make the entire video flow smoothly; although they may not seem like value addition, sloppy transitions are bound to put the viewer off. Transitions should be intuitive and story-driven, such that there is a sense of continuity throughout.

One uses transitions mainly in slideshows, but most video editors have a feature for transition effects. Windows Movie Maker is the default video editor that comes in Windows machines, but you can download several other video editors free online, which have these features.

7. Mobile-Friendly Videos

Most of the internet users browse the web from their phones, so your video must be optimized for mobile applications. One feature that you can modify for this is the aspect ratio: YouTube videos are rectangular with a 16:9 ratio, whereas the square video formats of Instagram and social media platforms are 1:1.

If you are adding text, make sure the size is big enough for people to read it on their phones. You can consider adding subtitles since viewers are likely to watch videos on their phones in mute. If you add a CTA at the end and give a phone number as a contact, add a feature where the user can call the number directly from there.

Make Your Motion Graphic Video Right Away!

With these useful tips and techniques, you can start making your (first) motion graphic video sequence! Use it for your company’s product promotion, the intro of your college short film, or a photo montage as a wedding. Once you learn and master the skill of motion graphics, the prospects are endless!

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