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15+ Arbitrage Business Models and Ideas: High Profit 2020

Arbitrage BusinessArbitrage Business
Arbitrage Business
Arbitrage Business

Discover the effective strategy to upscale your profit margin with these 19 arbitrage business models. Know the A to Z of arbitrage trading and become a pro. 

Do you want to make your life easy with the reselling business? Welcome to the world of smart retail arbitrage business where you can sell your brand or resell the most popular items without having to scratch your head for every single thing. Online arbitrage business or dropshipping is nothing but buying a product and selling it on eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Unlike physical trading, here, everything is achieved over the internet. Research, listing, selling, shipping, and payment – an all-in-one and lucrative business model.

To cut the story short – sit back and relax while you watch your business and profit growth. Sounds amazing? The process is even more simple. But for that, you need to know the inside out of how arbitrage trading works. So get on board and get to know completely about the retail arbitrage.

What are the Advantages of Doing the Arbitrage Business with Amazon?

Gone are those days when the arbitrage business was a complex and time-consuming affair. With eCommerce platforms like Amazon, it is all the more simple to reach out to prospective customers and earn money. Launching your product on Amazon is quicker and safer and will kickstart your new business with valuable offers. Arbitrageurs nowadays rely more on Amazon because of a variety of reasons. Some of the advantages that you can earn as an arbitrage trader on Amazon include:

  • Leverage quicker sales rate with Amazon FBA
  • Next day delivery option earn you more customer loyalty
  • Product delivery combined with Amazon’s guarantee
  • No headache of product return and customer queries

Types of Retail Arbitrage Business:

Generally, retail arbitrage businesses are of 3 types – retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and private labeled arbitrage. The first category, retail arbitrage, includes purchasing products offline from a retail store and then listing them on eCommerce websites. This of course means you’d need to find ecommerce development services to create such a website. After which, the suitable customers place an order, and you earn from it. Next is online arbitrage – the most common to find an arbitrage business type where you can maximize your profit with research, and resell the right product on Amazon (or other similar websites). An arbitrageur buys a product online at a cheaper rate and resells it on other or the same platform. When it comes to online arbitrage business, there is a popular method, Amazon to eBay dropshipping, through which one can remotely manage their business and increase the profit. Lastly, private-labeled arbitrage is one where you sell your brands/products on online shopping websites. This method is very convenient for newly set businesses and an effective way to expand the customer base.

1. Search Arbitrage

In the content and advertising world, search arbitrage or PPC (pay per click) arbitrage is the most common to see profit-earning mode. It might interest you to know that every website holder, who has a good percentage of traffic, indulges in it. Everyone might have come across the ads running on blog pages? Those are nothing but search arbitrage. So how does this work in real life? PPC arbitrage is earning profits from playing ads – the difference between buying search ads at a low price and the high price quoted for each click on those ads running on your page.

To get maximum profit, an arbitrager should be aware of hosted ads’ fluctuating prices to get more leverage out of it. It can’t work on mere guesswork, or the whole equation might fall on its face. Understanding the marketplace, which ads to indulge in, and how effective will be its result should be calculated before hosting the ads list on your channel/page.

2. Inventory Arbitrage

The most common form of arbitrage business model, inventory arbitrage, is nothing but buying and selling to uplift the profit margin. It is a simple business, buying at a relatively lower price and selling it at a higher price, and the difference is the arbitrageurs’ profit share. Arbitrage traders buying and reselling their products on eCommerce websites (Amazon, Alibaba, etc.) is the primary example of inventory arbitrage. It works in these simple processes:

  1. Product researching
  2. Product & price listing
  3. Earning customer money
  4. Product purchasing from retail stores or online (at a cheaper value)
  5. Shipping the products

These simple tactics are easier to control with certain arbitrage software like Salefreaks, Zik Analytics, Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and many others.

Secondly, inventory arbitrage is a marketing strategy used in the advertising world that every third-party/mediator applies to generate revenue. The process might seem a tad bit confusing, but the whole profit-building revolves around a simple arbitrage strategy. In the first place, the ad mediators, like certain agencies, get ad projects from the publisher at a higher cost. The next step is hiring the advertisers to seal the deal at a comparatively low price. The mediator agencies earn a profit off the price difference at the time of buying from publishers and selling it to advertisers.

3. Click Arbitrage

Digital marketing is the norm of today’s internet-driven world. And if you want to get more traffic, what’s more effective than PPC or click arbitrage? It is similar to search arbitrage and includes a chain of two people – one who hosts the ads on their website page and gets paid, and the second is the person who pays for the ads to appear on a page. If you want to host these ads, the primary thing you need to know is understanding the type of customers that visit your website and their taste. This gets you more people, who are likely to click on those ads running on your page, and you get the profit. However, one thing to remember here is to always invest in low-cost ads to make more money from the difference between buying and PPC of the ads. And don’t forget to calculate the arbitrage, so you get more opportunities to maximize the profit.

4. Traffic Arbitrage

Traffic is the goal of every company owning a website. It helps them reach the target audiences and sell their products, services, solutions, etc. to increase their revenue. The web traffic arbitrage includes the process of buying traffic and using it to grow your profit. So how does it work? In this, you buy traffic from a certain place and then redistribute it in various platforms at a higher price – plain arbitrage rule. However, it is essential that before purchasing and putting the traffic, you should be keen on the right place to buy traffic, the effective method of selling them, and understanding which is the best procedure to follow. The cost and conversion rate is essential and tricky to get more money and to maximize profit, one should figure it to check what is the best deal for the business. The bottom line is that traffic is the essence of the web world, so traffic arbitrage will not go anywhere soon. 

5. Risk Arbitrage

Uncertain risks and profiting returns accompany business. We have often calculated how to grow the profits, but what is equally important is understanding how risks can make its way in the future. A proficient arbitrageur attempts to calculate future risks and invest in risk arbitrage to enjoy balanced business even during the price fluctuation periods. Risk arbitrage is nothing but speculating about the risk management strategy, which is nothing but simple merger and acquisition planning. The best way to do risk arbitraging is an investment in hedge funds – its main objective is to increase your return growth and lower or eliminate the risk rate. 

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6. Convertible Arbitrage

Becoming experienced in business comes with understanding the criticality of earning during steady market growth and its declining period. This is a simple market neutral strategy, one of which is the convertible arbitrage adopted by several business persons. If you are a large scale trader, investing in long-short convertible security helps to endure the fluctuating market scenarios. The name convertible arbitrage says it all, meaning that you can switch from convertible stocks to equity shares during economic volatility. In simple words, it means that you can still earn a fixed income from the stocks (you have invested in) during risk periods. It is because of two reasons:

  • First, convertible arbitrage bonds allow the benefit of steady income flow.
  • Second, you can earn from  short position stocks as equity is parallel to the market flow. So you can easily convert your short position stocks to equity stocks and still benefit.

7. Statistical Arbitrage

Statistical arbitrage came to the market somewhere in the 1980s popularized by Morgan Stanley. It is widely adopted by (investment) banks and includes algorithmic strategies to back up any investment organization against the unstable financial market conditions. If you are a trade arbitrageur and want to adopt statistical arbitrage for business profit, there are three fundamental rules you need to adopt.

  1. Measuring any similarity between your assets
  2. Understanding the price differences
  3. Building a metric to stabilize for every individual mismatching

Statistical arbitrage or Stat Arbs is a vast topic and includes numerous concepts to calculate the differences and manage the income in critical market situations. There is Time Series Analysis, Volatility Modeling, AutoRegression, Co-integration, etc. Moreover, there are different Stat Arbs, which one needs to adopt as per their business requirement. I have listed a few of these statistical arbitrage that is helpful for every type of business. Check them!

  • Market Neutral Arbitrage 
  • Cross Asset Arbitrage
  • Cross Market Arbitrage 
  • ETF Arbitrage

8. AdSense Arbitrage

Adsense arbitrage is getting paid for running ads on your page. Arbitrage business is not only about buying, selling, or reselling products – earning money is a diverse concept on the internet. For example, if you have a better website with massive traffic, then running Google ads on your page will let you increase your income. In simple words, Google pays you for each click on the advertiser’s page via the ads. The key to getting more profit is how many PPC conversions can happen from your website’s traffic. Another important thing to note is that the longer the traffic time, the likelier it is to get more click rates and, eventually higher profit.

9. Lead Arbitrage

Generating leads for a small/large business is an essential step in marketing – to be precise in digital marketing nowadays. Exchange money by giving your clients some of these leads so you can build a mutual business growth path and earn fortune effectively. You can run campaigns, and get leads for your landing page with a compelling CTC (call to action) and offers that catches the attention of the customers in a fraction of seconds. When dealing with your clients, you can build leads for them by running ads or campaigns for them on your most popular page/site so that the visitors who come to your page can also click on those links and are redirected to the client’s landing page. This is lead arbitrage, earning money by offering leads to other companies/people, who may or may not own a website.

10. eBay Arbitrage

eBay arbitrage is one of the most popular and trending arbitrage businesses these days. Whether you are a small retailer, wholesaler, or a drop shipper, eBay arbitrage suits every purpose. The best part of it – it works on simple buying and selling of commodities with plenty of financial benefits for the third party seller. The much fewer commands and rules for selling on eBay are much appreciated among the arbitrage traders. Also, you don’t have to have a large customer base, newbies can also get more profit by following the common tips to business.

  • Research before you upload
  • Calculate the profit percent
  • Understand the market conditions
  • Prepare a product list (with the help of retail arbitrage software)
  • Input the keywords for better traffic
  • Put high-quality, clear and non-blurry images
  • Review the errors before launching

Now that you are ready to flip the product on eBay, wait for the customer to place an order and get your profit over the internet. But always consider using online retail arbitrage tools for selling your product on eBay.

11. Currency Arbitrage

Currency arbitrage is a type of forex arbitrage that includes the process of comparing the difference in bidding and quoted prices by the broker for any currency pair. The higher the disparity between bid-ask spread (when the bid price is higher than ask price), you can earn more profit margin. Generally, currency arbitrage is practiced as two-currency arbitrage; however, three-currency arbitrage (or triangular arbitrage) is also implied in some cases. Triangular arbitrage is a more complicated process, and in this, the difference between three foreign currencies is considered for trading. When the exchange rates of these currencies are not the same, traders leverage this opportunity and proceed with earning more benefit out of it. If you have a proper automated system and software/tools to manage this process, then only you should try continuing with the currency arbitrage model.

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12. Forex Arbitrage

By far, forex arbitrage is the best business model to use if you want to trade risk-free. Although for doing so, you need to be aware of the best currency pairs, which and how much currency to sell, selling in which currency, and the profit percentage calculation for all these scenarios. Anticipating all these scenarios and trading in currencies is not a simple task. It includes currency value determination (even for a future time), finding out which is suitable for you and your business, and a tool for calculating forex arbitrage, then trade with the currency to seek profit.

13. Futures Arbitrage

In a stable market situation, when the future price (of a particular product/stock,etc.) reaches a higher point than the spot price, you can invest in such price differences and leverage the opportunity to reap more profit and remove risk. This can be achieved in two ways. Let’s see what these are:

  • First, you buy a futures contract, and after the contract expires, you can buy the underlying stocks for at the future price.
  • Or you can buy the underlying assets currently and wait for the period for the future price contract.

14. Bond Arbitrage

Bond arbitrage or arbitrage bonds are exercised primarily by the municipality to manage interest rates when there is an economic crisis. The bond arbitrage is the difference between the lower rates in the current situation and higher-interest bonds. If you are engaging in this type of bond, or if you want to redeem the arbitrage bond, you will get an additional benefit. It has a tax exemption feature, so it is a very useful way to not only harvest income but also leveraging tax-free business returns.

15. Cash and Carry Arbitrage

Before getting to the cash and carrying arbitrage, let me first briefly brief you about the market-neutral funding concept. The latter is directed to generate profit for both upscaling the economy and declining market conditions, meaning it helps minimize the risk in all market environments. Now, moving on to cash and carrying arbitrage, it is a type of market neutral strategy that combines both long and short trading positions. In commodity trading, a product is sold to the customers either via sample specimens, through self-servicing mode, or both of the two processes.

16. Domain Parking Arbitrage

Domain parking arbitrage is a unique concept of modern-day business. In this, an arbitrageur first buys a domain and parks it on websites like Sedo, Bodis, etc. After this, potential buyers view the offer and make payment to purchase the listed domain. The idea is to buy a lower pricing domain and sell it at a high price to incur more profit. If you sell a domain by creating all the pages, it is more useful, and you can earn a great deal out of it. Furthermore, parking your domain in third party websites reserves a domain name that is very much in demand for the future and gets a much higher profit from it.

17. Merger Arbitrage

Similar to the basic definition of arbitrage – profit is the difference between buying and selling a commodity – merger arbitrage is also the difference between the merger and takeover investment done by a company. In this investment strategy, an arbitrageur takes advantage of the discrepancy between the two values. As such, the higher the difference value, the higher is the profit income. Exploiting the market discrepancies to earn a stable income is the main idea of merger arbitrage.

Some points to consider if you are indulging in merger acquisition:

  • Over the period (due to the low-risk feature), merger acquisition results in higher compound rates.
  • Returns in mergers become much stable (in the long term)

 FAQs on Retail Arbitrage Business

Q1. How to start selling on Amazon?

Starting a business on Amazon is very simple and is completed in 6 steps – registering, profit calculation, product listing, customer order, shipment & delivery, and finally, payment receiving.

Q2. What does FBA mean?

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon is an effective deal for arbitrage traders. If you opt for this (with an additional payment), Amazon will store your products, pick, package, ship, and deliver them to the customer on your behalf.

Q3. How does Amazon to eBay dropshipping work?

Amazon to eBay is a completely online arbitrage business, where you list a product on eBay. Once the customer places the order, you purchase the same product from Amazon and directly ship it to the customer address.

Q4. How to research products for online retail business?

Searching the right product is very easy nowadays, with a bunch of retail arbitrage software available in the market. But first, you need to understand the type of product you want to sell and then search for it. Next, choose the best-selling product and upload it. One of the best ways to market your business is with promotional videos, and we discovered that you can make a business video with

Q5. Which tools automate the retail arbitrage process?

If you are an arbitrage retailer, rely on Profit Scraper, Helium 10, Arbiship, Priceyak, AMZ Base, Source Mogul, Zonguru, Keyword Planner, Salesfreak, etc. They are helpful in the precise product listing and automated arbitrage business management.

With its different connotations, arbitrage can be applied to various business strategies and bag more profit. Keeping this in mind, you can follow any of these 19 arbitrage business models and expand the chance to peak the profit and eliminate the risk. Unlock these and experience how your business reaches the target audiences, receives a hike in sales rate, stabilizes income, and boosts profit scale. I hope you received the key to smart arbitrage trading in this article. Drop your valuable feedback below. This article is contributed by Arbitrageinfo, a blog that specializes in content related to arbitrage business model. 

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