How LCD Video Walls Are Unlocking A New Era Of Digital Signage?

How LCD Video Walls Are Unlocking A New Era Of Digital Signage


Are you willing to merge LCD video walls with your digital signage to draw more attention to your brand? If Yes, then the following post is just what you need to take your decision with confidence. Feel free to explore ways how LCD walls are breaking boundaries and mending the ways of digital signage.


A wise man once said, “A new beginning comes from another beginning’s end,” and we could never agree more!

As the technology is moving ahead acquiring one milestone after another, we can claim that things are about to change despite the industry one is serving in. LCD video walls– known as one of the signage trends are all set to take over the market projects ranging right from big entertainments, retail, hospitality to education and gaming, they are spreading their wings everywhere.

Experts who are keeping a close eye on the growth from the very beginning agrees that video walls are tremendously replacing all the video display means as a whole. With this rate, LCD walls will start making a large part of the digital signage business in no time. To comprehend where this technology is heading, it is important to acknowledge what sets it apart from other video wall solutions like LED screens?

Here, in this post, we will learn how lcd video walls are set to mend the ways how things always worked in the signage industry.

LCD Video walls vs. LED video walls: What is the difference?

Right before we jump to the part where it is explained how it is leading the signage industry, it is significant to understand what makes it different from LED and other video wall solutions.

Once reserved for the large malls, stadiums, and big brands, LED and LCD screens have become more accessible to corporate organizations in the last few years. Despite this fact, many still choose LCD screens over the LED screen, the reason? Well, there is more than one to go with LCD video walls:


Right now, as per the market standard, LED is one of the most expensive video wall options available in the market. The organizations may need to go beyond their budget to rent or purchase the LED video walls for their conference or security operation centers. While on the other hand, LCD video walls are far less expensive than LED, making it a cost-effective option for organizations looking forward to implementing the change.


When it comes to LCD screens, you get a sharp and clear image both while standing near and from a distance. On the other hand, with LED video walls, you may need to take a few steps back from the screen to get a clear image. Hence, using LED screens in small rooms will not either be impressive or effective.

Content display

Since LCD screens are basically laptop screens, it is easier to create the content for display and see if they look appealing on the standout laptop screen. If it looks good on the laptop screen, it will definitely look good with a 16:9 aspect ratio and seams on LCD walls will ensure none of your images gets cut off.

How LCD video walls are driving the change?

Although the above much clear out why organizations are preferring LCD over LED walls as a display option, if you are still wondering, how is it leading the digital signage industry? Then, here are things you need to know:

LCD screens are driving innovation

Compared to the video wall technology of the past, organizations can create more of a seamless experience with the current video wall solutions. Due to the recent update, it was possible to minimize the “windowpane effect” making video walls popular across the different industries right from hospitality to retail.

As the adoption of LCD walls increased with time, people started to come with new content for the big screen. Now customers are expecting both video walls and signage to go hand-to-hand capturing attention and converting viewers.

Bringing needed sustainability

Compared to televisions and big screens, LCD walls are more energy efficient that means they consume less energy than other appliances that organizations use at corporate events. On the top, they also produce less heat which means users don’t have to bear the additional cost of air conditioning. This gives users financial freedom while allowing them to earn a great return on investment.

Creating unbeatable experience

moving ahead with more and more popularity, LCD video walls will be less about spreading information and more about creating an eye-capturing experience. As large screens are known for drawing viewers’ attention and attracting them toward the brand, even small organizations are looking forward to incorporating the unbeatable visual presentations experience of LCD walls into their operations and promotions.

New features are leveling up the game

There was a time when video walls were no less than a hassle, no doubt people considered them expensive and the thing reserved for “big brands.” The installation process was lengthy, complicated and needed to be done in a way to link all the screens to a single PC to create an immersive experience.

However, it changed with time- now, LCD video walls come with their separate built-in PC that eliminates the complexity of linking them to one pc during installation, while allowing users to easily operate a multi-screen display without any hassle.

Also, LCD display options are becoming more cost-effective, allowing medium-sized organizations to enter into the game of digital signage . Now, LCD walls being a luxury for small brands have become a thing of the past, now everyone ranging from small retailers to promotion agencies can take advantage of advanced video walls.

As a growing organization, you have the opportunity to take advantage of video wall displays and earn a good return on the investment. It is to move ahead with the technology- familiarize yourself with the software, hardware, tools and techniques to utilize the latest LCD video walls for several purposes to make it a crucial part of your business.

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