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5 Tips to Maintain a Strong Password Strength?

Generate strong password

The use of passwords was initially seen to provide greater security and protect your accounts from unauthorized access. However, nowadays, most users tend to see passwords as a form of hassle, and the focus has become ease of use. Unfortunately, weak passwords and a lack of proper security protocols have given many users a false sense of security. The truth is that security and privacy are more vulnerable than ever, with consumer rights being violated.

Cybercriminals who manage to infiltrate your account can use your social security number, license, and other information to create identity theft. In addition, having a low-strength password in cryptocurrency and banking accounts can lead to a severe loss of wealth.

 It’s time users optimize their password strength by following the five tips to Generate strong password.

1.Do Not use personal information.

You will be surprised to see the widespread use of personal information such as name and date of birth for creating passwords. Not only home users to large corporations have all adopted such metrics as a form of security. It has given rise to hackers who use basic information from the internet or tactics to get critical information to scam. It is imperative to understand that while they are easy to follow, they are fragile, and anyone can crack them with rudimentary guesswork.

Many techniques use social pressure and act as your bank representative, etc.; They can extract critical information. Having a more complicated password makes it harder for individuals to manipulate you. Another aspect is that when encrypted, the higher the digits, it becomes increasingly difficult to crack.

 If you want to use a password that is easy to remember, it’s best to use something highly personal and cannot be guessed.

2.Avoid using the same passwords for every account.

Another tactic that makes even strong passwords relatively weak and keeps your account vulnerable is using the same passwords. Every week significant data leaks are happening all across the globe that contain usernames, passwords, and personal information. So if you have a strong password that gets leaked, the chances are high that a cybercriminal can crack open nearly all your accounts. In addition, there are some unique websites where you can find a writer with your name, and it will showcase all the old passwords on the internet.

Again, convenience becomes the worst enemy for users, and it’s best to have unique passwords for every account. Don’t try to use similar-sounding names between versions to make it more memorable, as this technique is not recommended.

For maximum security, keep changing the passwords regularly every three months to stay up to date.

3.Use Randomized Passwords

To ensure maximum security, you can get tools such as Urban VPN’s strong password generator to create a long randomized string of passwords. These final results can contain different numbers, symbols, capitalization, and unique features, making them hard to predict. There is a slider button to increase the number of strings dynamically. It is also highly secure to use the Urban Vpn services to create randomized passwords.

The only negative aspect is the lack of convenience, and it is pretty easy to forget the Randomized password. If you are incredibly paranoid about forgetting the password, write it on paper and keep it in a locker for safekeeping password manager.

4.Use various cryptic symbols to store your passwords.

Passwords with different symbols arranged in various combinations can be handy to make any password strong. They can even be applied to personal names, phrases, and words to make them more complex. For example, if your name is John which is pretty standard can be turned into J($%O#$Hm to increase their strength. When filling in your passwords, many accounts even make it mandatory to use numbers, symbols, and case-sensitive words.

However, keep them changing regularly, and it can be highly foolproof.

5.Maintain a Password Manager

There has been a massive rise of password managers, both third party and built into browsers themselves, in recent years. The idea is quite simple: store all the passwords you might have across different devices such as computers, mobile devices, etc. This makes one free to Generate strong passwords without fear of forgetting or, worse, getting logged out of your account. They also keep all their directories encrypted to avoid cybercriminals stealing your laptop and accessing them. Many even have a feature of notifying users when their old password has been compromised, reminding them to change it.


In the digital world that people currently live in, not having a solid password is unacceptable, as a breach of privacy can cause a profound loss of wealth. Given the number of tools from different password managers to Urban VPN, setting up a strong password has never been easier. You can also employ various security methods such as two-factor authentication features and many more. While all these features bring an extra layer of protection, the first and most effective is to use a strong password.