How to Identify plants with Pictures

How to Identify plants with Pictures

Plant Identification apps are now one of the most useful tools online to identify any type of plant species. Most of them use Artificial Technology and image recognition for the identification.

These apps have a huge database and gather information from all reliable sources to compile them into a single report. The identifiers have extremely easy-to-use interfaces and retrieve information from all over the web.

These facts and details are appropriate and can be used for educational, recreational, commercial as well as research related studies. Plant identifiers are mostly free to use and do not require high fees or subscriptions. They provide you with information with the snap of a finger and doesn’t require long hours of research and studies to compile details.

An Overview of AI Plant Identifier

This picture plant identifier uses AI technology and operates on a cloud server. Therefore, no additional step of installing an application on the user’s device is required. It can be operated through a web browser.

The plant identifier is also known as It is one of the most trusted tools used by users all over the world. It uses image recognition and analyses its database to provide the users with a series of conclusions.

Users simply have to upload the image of the plant on the drop box provided to get an identification. This tool is accessible through various devices starting from mobile phones, tablets to laptops as well as desktop computers.

The AI plant identifier has a menu-driven user interface that enhances the experience of the users. The identifier helps the user to navigate freely through the web page without any restrictions thereby making it effortless.

Benefits of using AI Plant Identifier

There are various advantages of using the WhatisthePlant AI plant identifier. Some of them are as follows-

  1. This tool can be accessed through any web browser or from any operating system and there are no prerequisites to meet.
  2. Users can use the tool for free. No additional subscription or membership is required to operate the tool.
  3. The identifier works 24/7 making it available for users at any time of the day.
  4. It is completely computer-based and therefore not at all susceptible to human errors.
  5. Users can upload any image format of PNG, JPG or JPEG on the web page. They can also paste the image URL and search instead.
  6. This tool searches through databases and provides information from reliable sources. Moreover, it redirects the users to the Wikipedia page of the plant for them to explore it individually.
  7. This plant identifier is a quick response tool and provides information within a few seconds of processing even in slow internet connectivity. Therefore, users can access it from any part of the world.
  8. The AI plant identifier uses scores to indicate resemblance to the picture searched and ranks them in order of that.

Step-by-step guide on how to use the AI Plant Identifier

These easy steps tell how to identify plants using the plant identifier tool effectively.

  1. Open any web browser and visit this website
  2. Go to the image drop box and drop the desired image or upload a picture by using the image URL. No image should exceed 5MB in size.
  3. The scanning will begin automatically. The tool will search the database for resemblance and provide you with all necessary information about the plants.

An Overview of PictureThis mobile application

PictureThis is a mobile application available on different platforms of varying operating systems. It is available on both Google Play Store as well as Apple Store. The application is cost-effective and is free to download from the app stores.

This free plant identifier can identify plants within a very short span of time through image recognition. Users have to upload a picture of the desired plant and the app will scan its database to provide information.

Since, it is a mobile application, its use is restricted to certain devices. As the main operation is carried out by the camera, it is effective to use only on a smart phone and or a tablet. It is mostly used for gardening related purposes.