Perfect Conversion: Use This Function From GogoPDF

convert JPG to PDF

GogoPDF is a browser web-based platform that people can easily access. It can offer different PDF managing tools, especially the JPG to PDF function. With this online feature, users can effortlessly convert their image files into PDF documents in a few clicks.

While the process is straightforward, your files are also safe with GogoPDF because it will remove them from the server after one hour. So here’s how to use this conversion tool from GogoPDF.

A No-Hassle Conversion Process

The convert JPG to PDF function of GogoPDF can help anyone efficiently organize the images in their library. This online-based software can combine different photos into one PDF document and automatically rotate, scale, and optimize your image files while maintaining their quality and original resolution.

To perform the process more convenient and fast, this function from GogoPDF can support the “drag & drop” method so you can convert and add documents without hassle. You can also avoid the stress if you have image files that you cannot manage one by one. Try the JPG file to a PDF conversion tool and easily manage your documents.

If you wish to organize tons of JPG files, but you do not know what tool to use, worry no more because GogoPDF can offer the handiest function ever. It can merge multiple JPGs into a single file or convert JPG data into a PDF document. Start using this function and drag the files you wish to transform into the conversion bar. And after you convert your file, you can start downloading it to your PC. Here’s the most straightforward way of doing the process:

  1. Upload the JPG file from your computer or drag the document to the conversion bar.
  2. Choose the output format you want from the options. Click the button to start the process.
  3. It will then do the process quickly.
  4. Start downloading the converted document to your PC or you can copy and share it to social media platforms.

Every Process is Done in The Cloud

Since this GogoPDF function is done online, you don’t have to put any effort into installing any software. With this online software, the process you will do to your documents is through the Cloud and won’t consume your computer’s hard drive space. There will be no watermark, online registration, and the file size is unlimited.

Supports Different Image Formats

This online function works as a complete package image file to a PDF conversion tool. If you are confused, it means that you can convert other image file formats, and it does not limit users to converting a JPG file format only. It’s capable of converting PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF formats.

Speedy Processing

Users can achieve converting their JPG documents in less than 30 seconds if they use this function from GogoPDF. Users only need to upload their JPGs into the conversion bar and quickly turn those files into PDF documents. Once your file uploads, you can still adjust your files’ margin, size, and orientation, depending on your preferred output.

Supports Every Platform

This conversion tool of GogoPDF is compatible with different operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. People can also use web browsers like Fire, Chrome, Safari, and more.


GogoPDF is an excellent help if you want to convert your JPG files into PDF documents. The process is relatively straightforward, and even a newbie won’t be confused with the procedure. Besides the convenience it brings to the table, you are also assured that when you use this function, your files’ quality is the same as the original, and it remains confidential.

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