The biggest reason why people like gaming is that it is affordable. It doesn’t make you feel bored and, the pursuit of mastery that everyone loves, video games are a great way to pursue that.

Many games are being added to the google play store every year and the trend to play games is significantly high now because of the pandemic of covid-19.

So If you are looking for some good games to play on android while sitting at home here are some of them:

  •       ARENA OF VALOR:

Arena of valor is a multiplayer online battle arena, and an action role-play game. Arena of Valor is one of the top mobile games that generated a revenue of 267 million US Dollars. It is available on both android and IOS. Ranks of the arena of valor are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and master. It is developed by the TiMi studio group and published by level infinite.


Castlevania: Symphony of the night is a Single-player action role-playing game. It firstly sold poorly and gained the name by word-of-mouth and became one of the most famous games.


Square Enix is one of the prominent names that took mobile gaming seriously and worked for its improvement from the very start. They have developed many android games such as Marvel Avenger 2020, final fantasy 6 remake, outsiders, dragon quest ix, tomb raider, the shadow of the tomb raider (2018), Octopath travelers, and many more that are worth trying.


It’s a type of game in which you have to build a farm, catch fish, take care of the farm and livestock, and feed the livestock. You can also interact with the people in your town. You can also get married and have children in this game. It is a real fun time experience. Stardew valley costs you 7.99 US Dollars. 

  •       THE ROOM SERIES:

The room series are the first ones who developed puzzle games flawlessly. The new ones are as great as the old ones. It is a series of 4 puzzle games. In this game, you have to escape the room by solving the puzzles from the things present in the room and moving on to the next stage. All of the games of the room series are worth playing.


It’s a combat game. The touch control of this game is a bit inaccurate but it is still liked worldwide. If you want to complete the whole game in one sitting it will take you about 23 hours. It has a total of 99 levels. This video game is developed and published by Square. It is a bit expensive and costs 80 US dollars.

  •       DOWN WELL:

Shoot them up, yup you heard right. It is a game in which you have run and saved your life. You can shoot your enemy or else they will shoot you.  It has four levels, every level has 3 stages and at the end, there will be a final monster which you have to fight to end the game. It is a single-player video game. It is developed by Orijo Fumoto and published by Devolver Digital. Down well will cost you only 3.99 US dollars.





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