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How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card | Physical VCC | 2020 | Payoneer

Get free payoneer virtual credit cardGet free payoneer virtual credit card

Previously we have posted an article about virtual credit card about Yandex Method. Which is not working great like it used to. So here’s another method for virtual credit card.

What is Virtual credit card?

Virtual credit card or Virtual online card is an auto-generated card created to serve for the purpose of making payments online. They are used to pay for services/transactions done in the internet and in most cases are not physically issued by a financial organization. While it is not as anonymous as paying via Bitcoin, it is far more convenient.

Virtual cards are not handy, it doesn’t involve a physical plastic card, It is created with an e-number via web and it looks/acts so much like your normal cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc).

The introduction of virtual credit cards has helped reduce the rate of internet scam. Since they are not physical cards, it is definitely impossible to hack/clone them thereby making online transactions safe and secured.

With a virtual credit card, your personal information/details will not be visible to anyone while performing an online transaction. I’ve have used different virtual cards in different transactions I did recently and it worked perfectly. So, i decided to write an article about them.

Benefits of Virtual Credit Cards

  1. They are valid over a specific time frame set by the card user.
  2. Saves the users from turnover charges
  3. Secures your private information.
  4. Virtual cards give you control over your spending: you choose the number of times the card is to be used, whether it should be used for a one-time payment or used multiple times.
  5. It is accepted by over 90% of internet users globally.

Now you maybe in doubt that the topic is virtual credit card but we are talking about physical card. If you have doubt then don’t worry its like the virtual credit card but with addition to it we are getting the physical card.

If you are curious about the article then its about getting master card from Payonner for free. With the recent update of Payoneer the cost to order card from payoneer is 50$ (2020-06-29) that means before ordering cards you should have minimum 50$ in balance. But if you follow our article you will get free virtual credit card.

Steps To follow:

  1. Go to and register account. (I won’t explain on how to register account because you are visiting TechRim means you already know such basic things like creating the account)
  2. After creating account go to account.Get free payoneer virtual credit card
  3. Click on Payment and Payouts

    Get free payoneer virtual credit card
    Get free payoneer virtual credit card

  4. In the payout tab select “Add Payment Method”

    Get free payoneer virtual credit card
    Get free payoneer virtual credit card

  5. Then Select payoneer prepaid debit card and click on nextGet free payoneer virtual credit card
  6. It will ask you to enter the address here enter your real home address then click on next.

    Get free payoneer virtual credit card
    Get free payoneer virtual credit card

  7. It will redirect you to the payoneer website. In the website fill all your details.

    Get free payoneer virtual credit card
    Get free payoneer virtual credit card

  8. In the contact detail page enter your home address (It is the address where you live. IN rare case payoneer will ask for address verification so to be safe enter your real address)
  9. Enter all the details that it asked. In the last page enter your governments documents. (Real Details as you may have to upload it later)
  10. That’s all now you have to wait 2-3 days until the virtual credit card is shipped.Get free payoneer virtual credit card

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What are the limitation of the card?

Get free payoneer virtual credit card
Get free payoneer virtual credit card

Either you call it limitation or what but there is some catch to these cards. But no need to worry its not that big deal. The limitations of these cards are:

  1. You can’t use the card out of the box. Before using the card you have to activate the card. If you are thinking how to activate the card then its simple just load the card with some bucks and it will charge 5$ as activation charge. After it charge 5$ your card will be activated.
  2. You have to pay monthly fee. Not like the card you ordered from payoneer if you ordered card from this method you have to pay monthly fee of 3$. (If you ordered card from payoneer after getting 50$ in your account you have to pay yearly fee not the monthly fee of 35$)
  3. You can’t send the money to other payoneer user until you receive 50$ from some company like upwork, airbnb etc. If you haven’t received any money from such companies then you can’t send the money but still you can receive the money from your friends and use it via your card.

That’s all the limitations that I see in this cards.
Note: The method wont work if you tried to order card more than a time. So don’t order many cards.

If this method doesn’t work for you then you can use other sites like upwork, cpaart and other sites which provides cash-out via payoneer prepaid card.

If you want us to write about any other article then just leave a message in our telegram group we will try to write on it as soon as possible.

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