What are the advantages of Image Compression?

What are the advantages of Image Compression?

We all are pretty acquainted with image compression. Image compression means reducing the size of an image. We can reduce the size of the image without losing its quality. Whenever someone uploads pictures in social media or takes a snapshot and upload somewhere or upload our degree certificates, we compress images.

Well, JPEG is the most common format to store images on our computer. Well, JPEG means Joint photographic expert photograph. This group came into light in the year 1986. It was used first by the photographers. At that, significantly fewer people were using computers and the internet. But now we are living in a different world. Most of us are dependent on the internet. Numerous people across the globe use the JPEG format.

People use it to store images on a laptop. They use JPEG image files to compress and upload them to social media. Some use JPEG files in MS word documents, while others compress JPEG images to upload them to the Website.

So, we all are pretty familiar with this JPEG format.

Compressing images has many advantages.

  1.    Saves space– well, when we compress images, the size of the image is reduced. When the size is reduced, then we have more space on our hard disk. We can store so many pictures on our computer. Again we all use mobile. By compressing images, it allows more freedom on our mobile
  2.    The Website becomes faster– Compressing an image is quite essential for web admins. When web admins compress images, they can upload different photos on the Website. Well, when the photos are of smaller bytes, then it makes the Website upload at a faster rate. The customer who visits the Website can view all the pictures on the site. As a result, the webmaster will have profit.
  3.    Easier in photo editing software:We have various photo editing software. Sometimes we need to edit our photos. When we compress images, it becomes easier for us to edit in the photo editing software.
  4.    Faster to upload in social media – We all use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We all are pretty familiar with it. Sometimes we need to upload pictures or group photos on social media. That time if we will compress the images, then it will be easier for us to upload.

Popular Web application to compress images

Well, there are so many web applications to compress JPEG images. Watermarkly is a popular application to add a watermark to the ideas and compress the picture’s size. We can resize the photos that mean we can adjust the size according to our choice.

Even it is pretty simple to use JPEG compression tool by Watermarkly. We don’t need to download or install it on our computer. We need to have an internet facility. Then we can go to this application and import the photos from our computer. It will take a few minutes to resize the images.

This application gives immediate service. The person doesn’t have to wait. If a person wants to resize numerous images, he can choose this application to reduce the appearance. It can resize fifty thousand photos at a time. When a person’s browser has a shortage of memory, this Website will offer a desktop app.

Even on this application, we can watermark our photos. We can add any text to the images. We can even crop pictures.

Even if it is a secure application, the application doesn’t save the images we upload on their application. The people working in this company cannot access or view any files we upload on their application.

Web admins can use this app to upload images to their site.

The students who are filling any forms need some time to resize their certificates or photos. They can use this app to compress the images.


Well, there are so many advantages of image compression. When we compress the images, our mobile or computer or any website will run faster. Again, the application discussed above is excellent. This application is user-friendly and gives instant service. We all should use this app to compress images. Again we should remember that we need to have an uncompressed backup before compressing any image on this Website.