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How Many Ways to Restrict Screen Usage?

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Do your kids use the mobile phone in excess? Well, digital parenting has become a new trend these days. There is a lot of stuff on the internet where your child shouldn’t stay alone. Being in the digital world without guidance can cause severe damage to our kids. All you need is to learn how to schedule routine activities for your kids and restrict the screen time. Before we discuss the ways to limit screen usage, we will explore the effects of mobile addiction on kids. 

Impacts of Excessive Phone Usage on Children

Development delays in kids are the most common disease these days. It includes communicational difficulties, emotional deficit, etc. Such development also leads to cause the learning issues. Children who spend more than 2 hours on digital devices develop language processing ability. It is the reason parental control app have become crucial these days. 

What Are the Other Dangers?

 1 – Short Temper

2 – Depression

3 – Anxiety 

4 – Lack of Attention

5 – Neck Problems 

6 – Low Academic Grades

7- Bad Posture

8– Blurred Eye Vision 

9– Poor Sleep Quality 

10– Less Nature Engagement 

And Many More!

Many effects can harm the growth of your child and can distract them from their studies and other goals. Discover how to restrict excessive screen usage. 

Check out our next section and understand digital parenting. 

Use Built-in Features (Parental Control) – Android & iPhone: 

Android: Parents who do not want to invest in buying third-party apps can use built-in features such as parental controls. In android spy app, it needs only a few steps to stop the kids from using a mobile phone in excess. 

1 – Open the Play Store on an Android device. 

2 – Tap on Setting Button in the top right corner. 

3 – Enable Parental Control. 

4 – Create a PIN Code. 

5 – Choose What Content You Want to Restrict 

6 – Select Restrict Access. 

iPhone: iOS is famous for its security reasons and offers incredible built-in features. Recently, it has introduced a parental control solution, which is the best way to keep the kids away from internet addiction. How? 

Let’s find out. 

1 – Go to Settings 

2 – Tap on the Content & Privacy Restrictions 

3 – Enter the Time for your screen Time.            

4 – Tap on Unrestricted Access.

5 – Limit the access to Adult Content 

Use Third-Party Tools – Parental Control Apps

Our kids are smart, and they know much about technology than the millennials. But thanks to technology, we have top parental control apps that work under stealth mode and let the parents control the activities on the kid’s device remotely. The end-user needs to install the app on the target device and check what they do online, plus can lock the screen anytime, anywhere. Only watching the target screen is not enough for kids monitoring, but parents can do a lot with such tools. 

What Can They Do? 

It is time to explore in the next section. 

 1 – Lock the Screen of the Target device remotely 

2 – Set the Screen Time  

3 – Add Content Filters

4 – Spy on Camera 

5 – Access to Multimedia Files

6 – Video

7 – WhatsApp Monitoring 

8 – Communication Limit 

And Many More!

 TheWiSpy – Best Parental Control App

It is the time where we need a convenient and reliable source to stop the kids from using a mobile phone in excess. TWS is a leading company that offers advanced features and empowers parents to track the location of their teens. It also lets the parents know installed apps on the target phone. 

Wrapping Up

 Increasing mental and health problems have warned the parents about internet addiction in kids. Excessive mobile usage can harm the learning process and cause many other issues. Using adroid spy app to make parentaing easy, parents can take control of child phones and also manage their activities with remote commands.

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