How to post automatically to social media from WordPress (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

    Everyone in blogging world want to publish their post on social media. But the problem people face is they don’t have enough time to post them. There are different tools available in market to post automatically to social media from WordPress. But all of them don’t work as per out desire.  So today we are going to discuss about method to post automatically to social media from WordPress. We won’t use any tools or plugin for this. As a result it wont create any problem to our speed of your website as it is said that uses of many plugin will slow down the speed of website.

    Method to post automatically to social media from WordPress:

    For this we will use a website called IFTTT.

    IFTTT is a website that will make out work easier by automating it. IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. In this tutorial we won’t talk about other features of IFTTT , we are going to discuss about its feature to post automatically to social media from WordPress. Follow the steps carefully to post automatically to social media from WordPress:

    Step 1:

    Navigate to IFTTT signup page. And create your account there. You can choose either Facebook or Google to create account.


    Step 2:

    After creating your account. Sign it to it and Click on you username at the upper right corner of the website. Then then select ‘New Applet’.

    Step 3:

    Then click on the +this link to start the wizard.

    Step 4:

    Now, IFTTT will ask you to choose a service. Type WordPress(if you are blogger user choose blogger) in the search box and then select it.

    Step 5:

    IFTTT will now ask you to connect your WordPress site. Click on the connect button to continue.

    This will bring up a popup where you will be asked to enter your WordPress site’s address, your login email or username, and your WordPress password.

    After entering this information, click on the connect button to continue.

    IFTTT will now save your information and connect to your WordPress site.

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    Step 6:

    Next, it will show you the triggers you can select for your WordPress site. You can choose when any new post is published, or when a post is published in specific category or tag.

    Click on any new post box to continue.

    Step 7:

    This will bring you to the ‘that’ part of your IFTTT applet. Click on the +that link to continue.

    Step 8:

    IFTTT will now again ask you to select a service. This will be the service where you want an action to be performed by IFTTT automatically.

    In this case, you will search and select Facebook.

    If you want to post to your personal profile, then you can select Facebook. If you want to post to a Facebook Page, then click on Facebook Pages.

    Step 9:

    Again a popup will appear where Facebook will ask for your permission. Go ahead and connect your Facebook account to IFTTT.

    You will then see the actions you can take on Facebook.

    Step 10:

    You need to click on ‘Create a Link Post’ box to continue.

    IFTTT will show you action settings. Here you can change how you want the post to appear on Facebook. Adding only your post link will allow Facebook to automatically fetch post title, description, and thumbnail.

    Step 11:

    Click on Create action button to continue.

    That’s all, you have successfully setup automatic posting to Facebook from WordPress using IFTTT. You can now click on the Finish button to exit the applet setup wizard.


    This is the end of the article hope you get concept about how to post automatically to social media from WordPress. If you find this article share this article with your friends and if you got any problem please comment below.

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